Fangoria 117

Fangoria 117 (1992)

Just in case Fangoria scares the ever-living pants off you and you just can’t continue looking at scary images… this is why we’re here.

This issue of Fangoria promises 8 pages of Halloween masks but I only want one.

The ad for these awesome masks doesn’t exactly state that visual effects great, Tony Gardner designed the masks but he certainly had his hand in the pot. The masks produced by The Alterian Ghost Factory are really good looking. This book came out in 1992 which coincides with the Swamp Thing television series. I sure wish I got my hands on one when they were available.


I’ve been in contact with some folks in North Carolina who have the original cast from this Swamp Thing mask. Their price tag is far too rich for my blood but I certainly enjoy looking at their photos. Below are some of the images.

The back features a company stamp that reads, “The Alterian Ghost Factory Inc.”

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