Farewell Gaspar

Yesterday, comics/designer/lettering great, Gaspar Saladino passed away. His contributions to the comics industry has inspired a great many and he will not be forgotten. Swamp Thing’s formative years would not have been the same without his unique and brilliant designs. For more info on Saladino’s work and a terrific collection of visual references, check out one of my favorite comic sites, Dial B for Blog. It’s a terrific source for comics content.

House of Mystery 200 (1972)
Amongst his many accomplishments, Gaspar Saladino designed the original Logo for the House of Mystery. This issue in particular is special because it features “Slogging Through The Swamp on a Murky Evening” by Len Wein, a poem adapted from Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. The poem has been reprinted in a few different books including the Australian edition, Creature of the Unknown from Murray Comics.



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