Amazing Heroes 39

August 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

January 39 (1984)

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As I slowly re-read Swampy’s chronology I’ve been trying post articles and ads that coincide with the releases. This Swamp Thing preview article, featuring an interview with Alan Moore, is a fun intro to Moore starting on the title. He reveals some fun insight into his plans as well as thoughts on the character.

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Thompson interviews Moore and there are plenty of great quotes from Alan Moore.
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Fan Reaction
“Swamp Thing tended to remind me sometimes of the Silver Surfer covered in snot.” i love that Moore was apprehensive regarding fan reaction yet still took Swamp Thing in a bold direction. It’s nice to see conviction in the creative process. It seems that we lack that same bold conviction nowadays.
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“Swamp Thing had been reduced over the years into just a certain color, a certain posture, and a very strong man. There was very little about him that was unique or individual.”
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Incorporating DC characters
“Swamp Thing has tended to be a backwater book in that Batman meets him once every six years and otherwise he’s a bit of a poor relative.”
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“…Swamp Thing had been Charlie Brown covered in mud.”
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“…we’re taking him a lot, lot further. We have him stay in the same place for probably a month, he doesn’t even move”
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