Amazing Heroes 39

January 39 (1984)

As I slowly re-read Swampy’s chronology I’ve been trying post articles and ads that coincide with the releases. This Swamp Thing preview article, featuring an interview with Alan Moore, is a fun intro to Moore starting on the title. He reveals some fun insight into his plans as well as thoughts on the character.


Thompson interviews Moore and there are plenty of great quotes from Alan Moore.

Fan Reaction
“Swamp Thing tended to remind me sometimes of the Silver Surfer covered in snot.” i love that Moore was apprehensive regarding fan reaction yet still took Swamp Thing in a bold direction. It’s nice to see conviction in the creative process. It seems that we lack that same bold conviction nowadays.

“Swamp Thing had been reduced over the years into just a certain color, a certain posture, and a very strong man. There was very little about him that was unique or individual.”

Incorporating DC characters
“Swamp Thing has tended to be a backwater book in that Batman meets him once every six years and otherwise he’s a bit of a poor relative.”

“…Swamp Thing had been Charlie Brown covered in mud.”

“…we’re taking him a lot, lot further. We have him stay in the same place for probably a month, he doesn’t even move”

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