Amazing Heroes 75

Amazing Heroes 75 (1985)

My amazing morning of Amazing Heroes magazine rolls on with more Swamp Thing sightings!
 photo image_5.jpeg

The UK’s renowned Eagle Awards were good to Swamp Thing ’85 and this issue feature’s DC’s Eagle Awards winners along with a fun Swamp Thing sighting!
 photo image_2.jpeg

This isn’t the first time Axel Pressbutton has tried to get the drop on Swamp Thing. Two years later, Axel will take a slice out of Swampy in Comics Buyer’s Guide 687 from January 16, 1987
 photo image_1.jpeg

DC’s Eagle Awards! Swamp Thing and the creative team did quite well.
 photo image_3.jpeg

The letters page features more hilarity.
Firestorm is up to his old tricks, congenial as always.
 photo image_4.jpeg
 photo image.jpeg


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