Amazing Heroes 112

Amazing Heroes 112 (1987)

I’ve been going through my large stack of recently acquired Amazing Heroes books and almost gave up all hope on this issue. Until…
 photo image_1.jpeg

…I stumbled upon this scathing letter in the Amazing Readers column. The author seems to have deep seeded issues with Swamp Thing and the creative crew.
 photo image_5.jpeg

Here’s a bit more from the over-the-top hate mail…
 photo image_3.jpeg

I’ll spare you from the rest of the drivel. Somehow “Nick” thought his letter could inspire something in someone.
 photo image.jpeg

The editor’s response to the letter is terrific.
 photo image_4.jpeg

Concrete is on the cover and is the focus of the feature article. A bunch of cool Chadwick sketches and illustrations run throughout the book.

There’s also a great Spectre article as well!
 photo image_2.jpeg


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