Roots makes George Perez’s website! Oh, and Horror 11

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I received an email last week from the wonderful folks that run George Perez’s website. My Fandom Feature #1 post came up on their radar and they asked if I could send them a photo of George’s Silver Surfer sketch that he drew, from the book. I was happy to oblige and it is up on!
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In other news, It’s been a great week for mail and I’m excited to share the new Swamp Thing goods with you. A lot of film production slides, books, autographs and more are coming your way… hopefully later this week.

First up is this great Italian edition featuring Swamp Thing #7 (series 1) Night of the Bat

Horror 11 (1981) Italian
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Comics Collector 7

Comics Collector 7 (Spring 1985)

The great, John Nordstrom down at Rainbow Comics amassed a giant stack of comics magazines from the 70s and 80s for me to look through. I thumbed through every issue searching for Swamp Thing ads, articles and comic strip appearances. Out of the 40+ magazines, I found only one instance of Swampy.

Finding the needle in a haystack is always an exciting moment. Stumbling upon oddball illustrations and unfamiliar info, buried within an article, makes Swamp Thing research feel like an Indiana Jones adventure.
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The comicstrip, buried deep within the book, features Swamp Thing and Man-Thing mucking up the pages of Comics Collector. A great, obscure find for sure!
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Fandom Feature 1

Fandom Feature 1 (1982)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this book for a little while now and it arrived in the mail yesterday from Those are some mighty fine folks selling mighty fine books.
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The debut issue of Fandom Feature features a little Swamp Thing article related to the launch of series two. It also contains a whole lot of Superman, including an interview with Curt Swan. I love these kinds of fanzines and the art that typically comes with them.

The zine kicks off with a Silver Surfer illustration by George Perez. I was recently contacted by his website,, for a copy of the image to use on his site. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s online.
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“Swamp Thing is Back!”
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The article mentions Swamp Thing being  Yeates’ “first big assignment” in comics. Yeates goes in depth on his experience on Saga in the most recent issue of Back Issue #92, out this month.
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The previews section features the cover of Swamp Thing 1.
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More Macabre Stickers

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In 1994, A trading card series called, More Macabre was released celebrating Bernie Wrightson’s masterful illustrations of dark and grim monsters. The set was a follow-up to a similar set from 1993 called, Master of the Macabre. More Macabre trading cards feature a number of characters that appear to be influenced by Swamp Thing. Due to copyright laws, I’d imagine, Swamp Thing is never actually mentioned but is alluded to on the back of some of the cards and through the title of the cards. I’ve held off on writing about the More Macabre trading cards but received a surprise in the mail today and could no longer wait. I present to you, More Macabre stickers! …the actual trading cards will have to wait for a future post, BUT, I’ve never seen these before and the artwork is identical to their corresponding trading cards.

These stickers were produced in 1996 by FPG, inc. two years after the trading cards. Differing from the trading cards, the strikers have a white border, production info at the base of the front and a numbering system. This sticker featuring the character, “Woody” is listed as #8 of 50. It’s corresponding trading card is #19 within the set.
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This sticker featuring the arework of the card titled, “Familiar Faces” is listed as #45 of 50. It’s corresponding trading card is #20 within the set.
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I’m extremely thrilled to add these to my collection and hope to learn more about the set of stickers. If you know anything about them please feel free to contact me.

Constantine’s Swampy Tattoo

The Tattoo that Swamp Thing had put on Constantine in Swamp Thing 76 L’Adoration de la Terre was permanently commemorated on my keister today. After Swamp Thing used Constantine’s body to consumate his relationship with Abby, he made sure to leave his mark on John. While in DC, Swamp Thing visited a tattoo shop to get this tattoo.
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Although the tattoo never appeared in a Swamp Thing book, it has popped up in a few Hellblzer books, including Hellblzer 232

In Hellblazer 14, The Fear Machine, Part I: Touching the Earth, Constantine learns of the tattoo for the first time from Mercury.
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Muck-encrusted Marbles

Swamp Thing Marbles (2012)

I lost my marbles when I started collecting Swamp Thing children’s apparel so this new addition to the collection comes as no surprise. I’ve had my eye on the marble set for a few years now but wanted to find it at a price as close to free as possible. It’s an off-brand/non-DC licensed item and I always stay away from those types of collectibles. Well, I ended up finding it for a steal and was pleasantly surprised to find that it has more to do with DC’s Swamp Thing than I thought!
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Fun Swamp Thing facts!? yep…
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Who would’ve thought some knockoff Swamp Thing merchandise would have such great Swampy facts hidden inside the tag? This really made my day.
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