Superman & Swampy go Dutch

September 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Superman Pocket Nr. 2 (1979) Dutch

I recently received a stack of non-US editions featuring Swamp Thing and am hoping to get through them all this weekend. I still need to document all of them on the foreign editions page.

This Dutch pocket book is quite similar to the German and UK editions which contain the same stories and are the same size/format.
 photo image.jpeg

DC Comics Presents #8 (1979)
The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy
For info and pics of the original release of DC Comics Presents #8 can be found here, on a past post.
 photo image_7.jpeg
The book reprints four other classic stories as well…

World’s Finest Comics #212 (1972)
And So My World Begins!
Proving that Telly Savalas would not only make a great Lex but also a decent J’onn J’onzz.
 photo image_2.jpeg

World’s Finest Comics #256 (1979)
The Werewolf of Krypton!
 photo image_3.jpeg

A tender moment between caped crusaders…
 photo image_1.jpeg

Superboy #194 (1973)
The Super-Merman of the Sea
 photo image_5.jpeg

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #246 (1978)
Will the Last One to Leave Mercury Please Close the Planet?
 photo image_6.jpeg

back cover:
 photo image_4.jpeg



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