The Hellblazer & Swampy Holiday Hint

In other news, Kelley Jones shared this illustration on his social media page today. The caption read, “Halloween is coming…”. Kelley may be hinting that a new Swamp Thing series is on the horizon or a Swampy related book will be hitting shelves this Halloween.
I’ve heard rumblings that a new series isn’t out of the question for the last, veteran creative team.

The Hellblazer 1 (2016)
The Poison Truth Part One

The new Hellblazer series has begun and I’m enjoying it so far. The debut issue focuses on Swamp Thing and John, at it again like old times. They’re making shady deals and are up to something big!

The book was released with a variant cover, below.

The story kicks off in 1914 amid the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It isn’t quite clear what the antagonist’s master plan is but a story involving historical events is intriguing.

I was pleasantly surprised to see elements of my favorite painting, Guernica (Picasso 1943) within the page below. I appreciate the historical significance and narrative a great deal. Including elements representing such a tragic event may be foreshadowing of the terror that is to come in… THE HELLBLAZER!!
Guernica Wiki

I’m glad Constantine’s Swamp Thing tattoo is still on his rear. One day I’d like to get a butt tattoo.
Constantine -back in London from New York- wakes up from a night of debauchery to receive his old friend, Swamp Thing growing in his greenhouse.

There are a number of really cool moments throughout the issue, this scene being one of them. The book was a quick read and wasn’t filled with exposition. There’s enough intriguing plot threads to get me jazzed about future issues. And, of course, Swamp Thing is in the mix.

Swampy’s reveal in the greenhouse and how he crams into the back of Chas’ cab is really fun. These types of interactions are always a blast. In Constantine The Hellblazer #7 they rode together on a subway train.

A flashback has Swamp Thing popping up at a bodega, in the produce section.

On a walk, Swamp Thing and Constantine get down to business.

Swamp Thing is concerned for Abigail. She’s no longer in the Rot…

No trace of Abby? I can not wait to see where this plot takes us. Will Swampy have to assemble his team and march back into hell to get Abigail?

The two come to an agreement. Yet again, oil and water will reluctantly mix to try and right a wrong. The two will walk the line between good and bad, taking potshots on each other the entire time.

Constantine takes Swampy to the country to introduce him to an old acquaintance. Mercury is familiar with John’s wicked ways and isn’t thrilled to see him.

Mercury and Swamp Thing have an instant connection. It’s a tender moment between the two characters. Like many other elements in this issue, I’m intrigued to see where this relationship goes.
This issue leaves us with a lot of questions and fun opportunities for adventure. I have hopes that this will take shape to be a memorable story.

In typical fashion, Constantine ends the book brooding only the way Constantine can.

For the past month DC has been running ads for their DC Icons figure line. They look great and I already have a couple Swampy figures reserved for when he’s released.

I had hopes that the design would have been altered before being released but it seems that the preliminary design made it to production. –More on this figure

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