Swamp Thing’s in the record books!

Guinness World Records 2017

The 2017 Guinness book is out and I’m ecstatic to say that Swamp Thing is in the record books. Early this morning, Zac, of Seeds and Leaves notified me that my Swampy collection was featured in the Recordology section.

The hardcover features “over 4,000 records and photos” with a super cool reflective/hologram cover.

Like all Guinness books this thing is PACKED with awesome and weird records of all kinds. I’m thrilled to see Swamp Thing listed amongst records involving Buzz Aldren, the Harlem Globetrotters and the fellow with the longest eyebrow hair.

I used to love thumbing through the Guinness book when I was a kid. My favorite records were the goofy and strange ones, like this skateboarding fur ball.

Gotta love space related records!

The guy with the longest eyebrow hair appears quite normal compared to the gentleman with the long hair and bangs, laying atop a mountain of big macs. I’d sure like to see the world’s longest ear hair.

I love the Death Star collection count infographic. Since my collection was assessed in 2015, it’s grown to well over 1,000 pieces.

Look at the freakishly large produce. I’d love to know the process and what it takes to grow something like these. They’re astonishing.

Page 92 and 93 houses a number of fun and interesting collections. Swamp Thing shares the spread with the largest collections of sunglasses, dinosaur feces and hamburger related collectibles. This spread is… AWESOME!
The gentleman dressed as Indiana Jones is holding fossilized dinosaur poop. He collects dinosaur poop.

There are a number of Marvel related records within this book but not too many DC related ones. I’m very proud to have my name linked with Swampy and DC in this write-up.

Small stuff! I love tiny stuff and the book has a section dedicated to the smallest and biggest of some pretty wild stuff.

I can’t get over how tiny the scissors and Statue of Liberty are!

Along with the little blurb about my collection, I was very proud to see Swamp Thing in the index. When researching Swampy, I always peruse indices, glossaries, etc and get excited when I see his name.

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