Muck-encrusted Marbles

September 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Swamp Thing Marbles (2012)

I lost my marbles when I started collecting Swamp Thing children’s apparel so this new addition to the collection comes as no surprise. I’ve had my eye on the marble set for a few years now but wanted to find it at a price as close to free as possible. It’s an off-brand/non-DC licensed item and I always stay away from those types of collectibles. Well, I ended up finding it for a steal and was pleasantly surprised to find that it has more to do with DC’s Swamp Thing than I thought!
 photo image_3.jpeg

Fun Swamp Thing facts!? yep…
 photo image_1.jpeg

Who would’ve thought some knockoff Swamp Thing merchandise would have such great Swampy facts hidden inside the tag? This really made my day.
 photo image_2.jpeg
 photo image.jpeg



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