Fandom Feature 1

Fandom Feature 1 (1982)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this book for a little while now and it arrived in the mail yesterday from Those are some mighty fine folks selling mighty fine books.
 photo 616B81E6-6BE8-4278-9094-666D770EEB46.jpg

The debut issue of Fandom Feature features a little Swamp Thing article related to the launch of series two. It also contains a whole lot of Superman, including an interview with Curt Swan. I love these kinds of fanzines and the art that typically comes with them.

The zine kicks off with a Silver Surfer illustration by George Perez. I was recently contacted by his website,, for a copy of the image to use on his site. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s online.
 photo C87CD6CF-4ABF-460D-9101-DC7450253751.jpg

 photo B27F39DA-165A-45DC-A2A1-D57AC49EEAAF.jpg

“Swamp Thing is Back!”
 photo 70929B31-F8B0-4F12-B3E3-955B3BF025D9.jpg
 photo 600F201F-3BE5-4A09-A68F-E7FF97DC4D72.jpg

The article mentions Swamp Thing being  Yeates’ “first big assignment” in comics. Yeates goes in depth on his experience on Saga in the most recent issue of Back Issue #92, out this month.
 photo 77AC66BE-6D30-4DAD-B39A-3A6A5D46654A.jpg

The previews section features the cover of Swamp Thing 1.
 photo EF8B6977-D245-4182-890D-D8BF24747B04.jpg
 photo 260D85CD-722E-4EAC-9C25-6534C699CEBD.jpg

“Curt Swan Interview”!
 photo 80AE9501-2B6D-4CC1-9DB7-4D17191F33FD.jpg

The zine includes a number of great parody illustrations and ads featuring characters by fans.
 photo B44B5CDB-94D8-466E-853E-FCA8FDDE21DF.jpg

Gary Brodsky discusses his Comic Art Workshop.
 photo 0A7A3CC2-66A4-4FC1-AB92-357236724483.jpg

“The Man From Krypton” by A. Neilson
 photo C514854A-ED43-4B7A-ACE4-7A95AF57ED16.jpg
 photo 3A9981E0-DF0D-4E25-8800-C1D23425EA5F.jpg
 photo 41540AAC-8F29-44AF-9FDB-8BFFA45E6256.jpg


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