Alfredo Alcala Style Guide

Alfredo Alcala Style Guide (1989)

My recent post featuring, what I believe is, artwork by Alfredo Alcala inspired me to turn the mention of his style guide into a full post. It’s certainly worth it.

There’s a nine page, Alfredo Alcala merchandise style guide floating around out there that features Swampy illustrations meant to be used on various products/packaging. Some of the work was never used nor published and I’d love to get my hands on a copy.

Like the cartoon, toys and other merchandise, the style guide depicts Swamp Thing assisting animals and protecting the environment. I’ve been able to round up a number of pages from the guide but as you can see below, many of them are low resolution images.
Above, Swamp Thing takes the form of kelp to save a dolphin.

Below, he sheds a tear for the swamp being polluted by the oil refinery.

APB: If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of the 9 page Alfredo Alcala style guide, I’d sure like to cast my eyes upon it. -high resolution images preferred.


Wizard 1

Wizard 1 (1991)

Last week, a fellow Swamp Thing fan clued me in on a Swampy appearance in Wizard 1. I was able to find a copy and am very excited to share it with you! Swampy appears in an article by science fiction/fantasy writer, Lawrence Watt-Evans. The article focuses on horror comics throughout history and Swampy is mentioned a few times.

Detail from the title page of Watt-Evans’ article.
The article doesn’t cite the artist who drew Swamp Thing but it looks very similar to Alfredo Alcala’s illustrations from his Swamp Thing merchandise style guide. I love Swampy’s pose and expression. He looks relaxed and indifferent. His little utter pouch looks odd.

Along with Swamp Thing, Watt-Evans mentions old EC horror books like Hunt of Fear as well as Sandman, Hellblazer and Tales from the Crypt.

Rebirth: Batman 7

Rebirth: Batman 7 (2016)
Night of the Monster Men, Part One

I love stumbling upon Swamp Thing references and appearances, especially when I’m not trying. This weekend, as I caught up on new books I’ve neglected to read, I came across a familiar sounding state park in Batman 7, Night of the Monster Men, Part One.

I was so excited to see the name, Alexander Olsen that I wanted to confirm that it was indeed a Swamp Thing/House of Secrets 92 reference. I reached out to the writer, Steve Orlando and sure enough, Orlando confirmed via twitter that it is!
I’m looking forward to finding more mentions of the state park in future issues. In future Batman/Swamp Thing news it’s been announced that Mitch Gerads and Tom King will be bringing Swamp Thing back to Gotham in Batman #15 “Streets and Swamps” due out January 2017!

The Hellblazer 2

The new Constantine series chugs along with issue two and unfortunately, not much has changed since the first book. Like many comics nowadays, it’ll probably take 5+ issues before the plot gets any legs. Re-reading Moore’s run, in tandem with the new comics I get on Wednesdays has become a bit aggravating. New books with extremely slow story telling has made it difficult to stay onboard a title. I appreciate following single, monthly issues rather that reading trades but so many books have me feeling like I’m wasting my time and money. I know Moore is an exception and is low hanging fruit to use in a comparison, but he was able to craft an exciting story within a single issue. Even if the goal/plot wasn’t resolved in a single issue, Moore established enough intrigue and character dynamics to make each issue feel whole. Alas, the world keeps spinning and I’ll keep picking up the Swamp Thing appearances as they come out.

The previous generalization aside, I’m excited to see where this story goes. I’m enjoying Moritat’s artwork and Oliver has introduced a few great characters from Constantine’s past.

Cover by Moritat.
I can’t figure out why Mercury is on a motorcycle. This isn’t something that occurs in the book and if Mercury is anything like the character we saw in Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer, she doesn’t seem the type of person to ride a motorcycle. But, people change and this is only a cover… I’m sure we’ll find out as the story unravels.

variant cover by John Cassaday

I am intrigued by a couple of the characters that have made appearances in this series so far. Mercury -an old friend of John’s- seems to be ready to help Swamp Thing. I’m enjoying their dialogue but after two issues, they are still talking where we last saw them in issue 1.
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The Lost Boys 1

The Lost Boys 1 (2016)


The new Lost Boys book wasn’t on my pull list last week but I was sure to pick it up this evening after learning that Swampy makes an appearance. It’s not exactly an appearance but he shows up in a few panels.

Like the Lost Boys film, this book is set in 1987. The same year, Swamp Thing 57 Mysteries in Space was released. Any comic shop worth its salt would have it in stock.
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Swamp Thing Film Slides

Swamp Thing the Motion Picture Production Slides (1981)

Last month I received a large batch of Swamp Thing slides. I finally got around to photographing them and am excited to share them with you. But first, a LIVE COMICS SPECTACULAR is coming up! On November 18, The Panel Jumper LIVE! Episode 3 will be at West of Lenin theater in Seattle. It’s going to be an amazing, comics filled show and I’ll be flying out to talk Swamp Thing. Here’s a preview! It’s going to be a great time.

Tickets are now available at Brown Paper Tickets.

Now, back to the film slides! I have a number of these slides in the form of production stills but there are quite a few that I’ve never seen before. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more slides in the future to fill the gaps in my collection. Enjoy!


STC 29

STC 52

STC 89
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Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52 (1984)
Years Best Comics Stories

Best of Blue Ribbon collects 1983’s best comics, and Swamp Thing made the cut! The collection of stories includes, Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truths from Swamp Thing 16 (series 2) by Martin Pasko, John Totleben and Steven Bissette.
What kinds of perks should a “years best comics” character expect when attending the Years Best Gala?
Not much…

Swampy makes the list of best comics but gets roped into slinging drinks all night on the back cover. Talk about a bum deal! At least he looks dapper; kind of like a Bond villain posing as a waiter.

Here’s a list of the other stories honored in the book as 1983’s best comics.
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