Läderlappen 9

Läderlappen 9 (1976) – Sweden
Utrym Gotham City

Another wonderful book arrived in the mail today; this one from Sweden! Läderlappen 9 features a reprinting of The Brave and the Bold #122. Like most non-US editions, I enjoy how they are re-colored with the panels slightly re-arranged to facilitate translations. This book did a bit of both and I’m looking forward to comparing and contrasting it with the original publication.
 photo FBC0A361-72D8-46F7-B6B0-8DB80F22B122.jpg
 photo C340FA00-E1E2-448D-8B63-686C7FB18575.jpg

For more on The Brave and the Bold 122, see my previous post from a couple years ago.
 photo CDE96918-9BAB-4877-9947-D0E5DFF01B5B.jpg
 photo 63880D2B-473D-479D-AC4E-820C964126C2.jpg

 photo B3468410-84EE-41AC-AD74-DF0AD84A1FE4.jpg

The book also includes, The Great Batman Swindle! from Batman and Robin 222 (1955)
 photo 387B182E-0990-404F-AA72-59B816F8AAE6.jpg

This kid couldn’t look more excited if he tried.
“Now you can also earn good with the Christmas money in your spare time”
 photo D5652C3D-F5E3-43B8-B9F8-3A70CF028134.jpg


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