Retro Universo

La Cosa Del Pantano Card
Retro Universo is an Argentinian card game that features a parody version of the DC Universe. It’s based on the old card game, Cromy. For more info on Cromy, visit The World of Playing Cards for a great read.

Fellow Swamp Thing fan and artist, Rofe clued me in on the card game. From Argentina, he knew exactly what the card was when I shared it on Instagram. The illustrations on each card are created by local artists. This Swamp Thing illustration is by El Bruno.

 photo F030F62E-7D87-4915-9606-BAE3C0983516.jpg

Front: Swampy looks sickly but I do enjoy El Bruno’s style quite a bit.
 photo 194DB4B3-9E26-4DAC-9299-86625C721FA4.jpg

 photo 633578E4-35F2-46C6-A87C-3E8505072101.jpg


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