Saga of the Swamp Thing 26

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 26 (1984)
…A Time of Running

 photo 42B14E7A-B213-4367-8AE7-D8F301132B77.jpg

Swamp Fact:
This issue, along with the previous issue 25, are the only books that deviate from the series two Swamp Thing logo until issue 57, where a question mark was added.

This swamp fact is brought to you by the informative fellas at the
Wednesday Comics Podcast.
 photo 9B603030-BD89-45B7-948C-F66756EF01DF.jpg
I don’t always have time to read the books I want every week which is why the Wednesday Comics Podcast is such a great resource for reviews and to catch up on what’s new. I appreciate good comics podcasts when I find them and I’ve recently teamed up with the Wednesday Comics Podcast to help spread the word regarding Now… onto issue 26!

The book starts out with a frantic foot race to Elysium Lawns; Abby’s new place of employment. Swamp Thing pulls Abby through the marsh, hoping to stop the Monkey King before it’s too late.
 photo 7AFB1FE0-9B67-419E-80AA-0C5B9064E02E.jpg

amazing layouts and beautiful splash pages…
 photo AABE7EE6-2AA0-42A1-A103-D6C7B4F6788D.jpg

“It began with blood.”
Picking up where issue 25 left off: immediately after the marlin skewering of Harry Price, Jason Blood and Abigail Cable visit coffee.
 photo E29E9408-5E41-49D9-A088-FBC1D48D80D9.jpg
Sure, she’s flustered after witnessing a vehicular homicide by way of giant, game fish, and yes, there are numerous, goofy, bug-eyed fish starring at her from behind Jason Blood, but that’s no reason to overreact to a friendly, foreboding warning from a complete stranger.
 photo 9270FE34-928B-47FB-B909-85DA010ED890.jpg
“the bad craziness is almost upon you, Mrs. Cable.”
When is it not chaos and craziness for poor, Abby Arcane?
Hardest working woman in Houma.

 photo C4AD836A-51D3-46E8-B225-29BAF8373210.jpg
I love how cool and calm Blood is. This isn’t his first dust-up in the dark arts.

again, the spectacular layouts are worth mentioning. The story feels complex but reads clearly. The creative team does a great job depictng multiple frantic scenarios under a large umbrella of chaos.
 photo A3EAC80F-8C15-40C6-B120-968E39776671.jpg
While reading the latest Wein/Jones Swamp Thing Series 6, I was reminded of the panel above. At one point, Jones has Swamp Thing running through the swamp. With the brush of his arm, trees part and are ripped from his path.

Abby and Swamp Thing arrive at the Elysium Lawns perimeter gate.
 photo 785602EC-3B0C-4586-A5BA-43D27909C6A9.jpg

The race to the hospital is interrupted by a flashback.
Abby’s first day of work…
 photo 84B87A81-9D52-46F9-A9A2-016218F1407A.jpg
 photo BF1B5E74-4914-4159-A99F-0F0256495B85.jpg
 photo 7AB459EE-4A8F-4247-91AC-B45C01A96511.jpg
 photo 05E9EF5D-09F5-463E-90FD-B3DA5D66267E.jpg
 photo 213A9097-6F01-4967-A704-12E36E3DAF8B.jpg
Her first day of work is complete pandemonium. The hospital is electric, the patients acting aggressively and drawing similar doodles of the Monkey King. Trouble continues to brew.

never catching a break, Abby returns home from her first day to deal with a drunk Matt Cable. Like most of their encounters at this point, it ends with an eruption. Side note: when Totleben and Bissette join forces, I appreciate their depiction of Abby as strong, yet tired, with a youthful beauty. She is rendered beautifully in so many panels that they’ve worked on, like the one below.
 photo 3472A558-CB5A-43C4-95B9-FE043BA72DB2.jpg

Abby leaves.
 photo 9288A3CF-A998-4904-B0F6-602972129D26.jpg

Back to the present:
Swamp Thing rips down the perimeter fence. It’s a mere cob web to him.
 photo 9335138F-F6DA-4134-9FB2-2DC6D6B00C8E.jpg
 photo 3781DB98-1004-49CB-A190-8FC3ED8E1B63.jpg

They make a mad dash to the hospital. It’s quiet.
 photo E0A2D4C2-FE9F-494C-9D6C-AFA9AB78E45B.jpg
Amidst the panic, Abby realizes that Swamp Thing is her rock, the only person she can trust and rely upon.

they take a moment on the front lawn. They know something is wrong; that they may be too late.
 photo 661A4C06-A41F-4768-901E-773F4BFD5AF3.jpg

Meanwhile, inside Elysium Lawns
 photo 8BC14E7E-1B76-4A2A-8602-92677B6504C2.jpg
Some of the gaps are filled in as to who the Monkey King is and what he’s up to.
 photo 75E2BC6F-2524-4436-835C-CD0751F77B7F.jpg
 photo D607D700-FA20-44E3-946D-FB4933ECBBB6.jpg

The Monkey King feeds off fear and a lot of it’s stirring within the hospital. What you fear most is how you perceive the Monkey King. The occupants of the hospital are living a nightmare.
 photo 93C28DEE-782A-4EBE-8942-181273D7B5DC.jpg
 photo 808B2550-6970-49FD-B7C2-455856822A96.jpg
 photo 9E997337-47B1-4119-8D8F-C38519FE26F5.jpg

This panel depicts my favorite scream. Here, more than any other comic, Abby has always stood out as authentically terrified.
 photo 7479AAAE-3AF1-4A1A-AD36-B54E8061D8A9.jpg

Seeing all sorts of terrible monsters, Abby goes from scared to even more so as Etrigan rips a hole in the roof and descends upon the scene.
 photo F948474F-049E-4D34-8722-CA19A1013BA5.jpg

As someone who fell in love with Swamp Thing through the Moore years, these early Moore issues really strike a chord. I remember reading SwampThing 21 Anatomy Lesson and being rocked by the story. Reading on, it didn’t take many issues to be blown away by the artwork, like the splash page below. In so few books, the creative team delivers hit after hit of exciting content.
 photo 8320CE8C-A10B-4051-B7EB-A3602D5F3130.jpg
As for the situation at Elysium Fields, we are left with a cliffhanger. Etrigan the Demon is on the scene and Swamp Thing looks kind of pleased about it.

Matt Cable continues to drink. He gets the idea to follow Abby, to help her.
 photo 7E6C01D0-48AA-4552-866C-BF8871E59D25.jpg

A terrible idea, Matt’s car goes off the road and explodes after hitting a tree. I’ve always found the Burma Shave billboard to be quite humorous in the final panel.
 photo AF369C55-F996-4567-8D53-1487091B6A92.jpg
To recap; everyone is in a tight spot. Except for Matt Cable, he’s dead.

this self-promoting ad says that “everyone’s talking about” Swamp Thing. Well, they are. The letters page is buzzing!
 photo C5D338C2-36FC-4784-8F6D-E5A1E9DEF232.jpg


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