Swamp Thing Film Slides

Swamp Thing the Motion Picture Production Slides (1981)

Last month I received a large batch of Swamp Thing slides. I finally got around to photographing them and am excited to share them with you. But first, a LIVE COMICS SPECTACULAR is coming up! On November 18, The Panel Jumper LIVE! Episode 3 will be at West of Lenin theater in Seattle. It’s going to be an amazing, comics filled show and I’ll be flying out to talk Swamp Thing. Here’s a preview! It’s going to be a great time.

Tickets are now available at Brown Paper Tickets.

Now, back to the film slides! I have a number of these slides in the form of production stills but there are quite a few that I’ve never seen before. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more slides in the future to fill the gaps in my collection. Enjoy!

 photo CE2AFDB2-B91C-4FDA-9382-900A815B1DA1.jpg

STC 29
 photo E6DC7CA0-C0CC-4DE8-A7C6-3A1B14E80E83.jpg

STC 52
 photo EDDF5D39-CF72-4AD4-80BC-840AE026432E.jpg

STC 89
 photo 3799DC96-2EF7-40B7-BA91-C397038163B7.jpg

STC 93
 photo 86A7615F-EE69-40EB-BAA5-CE51209F785D.jpg

STC 116
 photo A289FBFF-35F2-4AEA-8F0C-4A9C6B58A7E3.jpg

STC 119
 photo FC4BB726-F0B8-4554-B7D9-BAA6E58C7478.jpg

STC 141
 photo 2915E144-4E59-48A2-BFCD-31493D96B77D.jpg

STC 150
 photo E2CC1116-C02D-412F-B6B1-F31EBDEA2CCA.jpg

STC 151
 photo 676CE14B-22CF-4823-9265-55FDE0FE3D8A.jpg

STC 156
 photo CCE1FF77-BB7C-45AA-8F1D-13CD678C4EB0.jpg

STC 186
 photo EB058F19-BBAA-4EE4-ADA1-41AB442FE75A.jpg

STC 224
 photo 58A33C6B-2BFA-4E57-8FCA-67663AC0195E.jpg

STC 242
 photo F3AB5E70-BB02-417B-9170-EC1553EC8AA1.jpg

STC 266
 photo 547B61CD-9F19-4905-A4AA-338F49C6F9F2.jpg

STC 271
 photo 68BC6DAA-1CA2-4076-B7A4-1687F1AE8D9F.jpg

STC 289
 photo 8F5CDA90-5E1A-47BD-9483-5A4047042DFF.jpg

STC 296
 photo F395CC4D-5F16-4A66-A837-B5CA474EC6EB.jpg

STC 369
 photo A549C00D-1A5C-491F-AF2E-ECFC64C5B075.jpg

STC 375
 photo 29A3CE61-2EAC-4BDD-A9AA-915C7ED2241B.jpg

STC 410
 photo EFF56AC4-5D23-476A-83AA-F4D256ECC526.jpg

STC 431
 photo E932E0C5-A155-45FB-B5B8-AB31C5ACACA0.jpg

STC 464
 photo BED035C9-28C1-4281-848F-02262F8B39D4.jpg

STC 501
 photo C361E5AE-0337-4EE9-A4A1-8C81219DEC88.jpg

STC 528
 photo E27250A7-BA1A-45DE-B592-55461B073BC5.jpg

STC 574
 photo 57C22403-B9D0-4879-A23E-74BCC8561ED8.jpg

STC 576
 photo 6DF81D7E-08FC-4D38-A831-1FF544D6BC93.jpg

STC 587
 photo 09C887B4-6FB6-4FD0-8657-98A40202CD16.jpg

STC 602
 photo C78313B0-4222-4FAA-B053-C7A929F6F457.jpg

STC 628
 photo 97D755B8-2ADB-465B-9EEA-8D8AFCEA48B9.jpg

STC 635
 photo 31749BF9-676A-4ADD-A308-4D6E0A6FA94D.jpg

STC 638
 photo 25805B17-A416-4273-8D9E-792E980C485F.jpg

STC 648
 photo BFA43C66-E46A-4CB4-8022-909983ABE3A3.jpg

STC 650
 photo 3C603990-C6C5-4BE9-9147-BEE704CDE5BE.jpg

STC 670
 photo 7E2B128F-1998-4813-8615-661C754D9DB5.jpg

STC 683
 photo 5A6E7393-1B3E-4FDF-A880-A0FE34EF8A8F.jpg

STC 684
 photo 78A1B4BA-DCC8-49ED-B3BE-5ED725F7CFBB.jpg

STC 692
 photo F1CC3C82-C2C4-488E-9DFA-D28F628E2E1D.jpg

STC 695
 photo 0ED9171F-DB77-4D3F-BD00-71461C3CA5B7.jpg


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