The Lost Boys 1

The Lost Boys 1 (2016)

 photo 5C0D5302-52CA-43D6-A768-05B5BCF27E18.jpg

The new Lost Boys book wasn’t on my pull list last week but I was sure to pick it up this evening after learning that Swampy makes an appearance. It’s not exactly an appearance but he shows up in a few panels.
 photo 73F9B5D9-8B73-41D7-A81D-F6D2CECA4DC1.jpg

Like the Lost Boys film, this book is set in 1987. The same year, Swamp Thing 57 Mysteries in Space was released. Any comic shop worth its salt would have it in stock.
 photo 21C29858-2043-4548-9A06-357A86F9C383.jpg

Numerous comics, released around the same time, populate the shelves. Rather than redrawing the covers, it appears the originals were copied and pasted into the backgrounds.
 photo D3EB0608-5D8E-4676-9196-209AEE15BBCC.jpg
 photo 2B291AD3-33F7-4A52-9E1B-68BA339E1AC9.jpg
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2 thoughts on “The Lost Boys 1

  1. Hi John,
    In Back Issue #92, Pasko (I think) mentions that a Swamp Thing comic shows up in the background in the comic store scene of the Lost Boys movie. I haven’t checked this out yet. The comic that is shown is the punk vampires issue from Pasko’s run, which Pasko takes as a sign that the comic was an influence on the film’s writers. Did you know about this?

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