Rebirth: Batman 7

Rebirth: Batman 7 (2016)
Night of the Monster Men, Part One

I love stumbling upon Swamp Thing references and appearances, especially when I’m not trying. This weekend, as I caught up on new books I’ve neglected to read, I came across a familiar sounding state park in Batman 7, Night of the Monster Men, Part One.

I was so excited to see the name, Alexander Olsen that I wanted to confirm that it was indeed a Swamp Thing/House of Secrets 92 reference. I reached out to the writer, Steve Orlando and sure enough, Orlando confirmed via twitter that it is!
I’m looking forward to finding more mentions of the state park in future issues. In future Batman/Swamp Thing news it’s been announced that Mitch Gerads and Tom King will be bringing Swamp Thing back to Gotham in Batman #15 “Streets and Swamps” due out January 2017!

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