Rebirth: Batman 7

Rebirth: Batman 7 (2016)
Night of the Monster Men, Part One

 photo 75344A1C-073E-4351-80E8-83618D1209E1.jpg
I love stumbling upon Swamp Thing references and appearances, especially when I’m not trying. This weekend, as I caught up on new books I’ve neglected to read, I came across a familiar sounding state park in Batman 7, Night of the Monster Men, Part One.
 photo AB8DC0CB-7A8B-4EB1-81C2-4AB37BAE95D1.jpg photo 55AE0D15-33C7-4CC6-B313-59309CD4A262.jpg

I was so excited to see the name, Alexander Olsen that I wanted to confirm that it was indeed a Swamp Thing/House of Secrets 92 reference. I reached out to the writer, Steve Orlando and sure enough, Orlando confirmed via twitter that it is!
 photo 7F568FDD-AD80-4B2C-94DD-75394A00BA74.jpg
I’m looking forward to finding more mentions of the state park in future issues. In future Batman/Swamp Thing news it’s been announced that Mitch Gerads and Tom King will be bringing Swamp Thing back to Gotham in Batman #15 “Streets and Swamps” due out January 2017!


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