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The wonderful folks of the Perfect Bound Podcast and Comics Dungeon invited me on their show to discuss Swamp Thing and my collection. Being a big fan of everything this fantastic four does, I was honored to meet and sit-in as their guest during my visit to Seattle. You can listen to all the fun on their website!

Every Monday morning Chris, Nicole, Cole and Ben provide a humorous, insightful conversation from Comics Dungeon in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. to all things comic books, every Monday, on itunes and their website PerfectBoundPodcast.com


Swamp Thing 27 (series 2)

Saga of the Swamp Thing 27 (1984)
By Demons Driven

Gone, gone the form of man. Oh, look it’s Etrigan… breaking through another window. The tale involving the Monkey King carries on as Etrigan takes invasive maneuvers at Elysium Lawns.

The evidence is there. Jason Blood’s Morning After Window Repair biz could be a lucrative venture. His arial entrance is repeated on the cover of John Byrne’s Wonder Woman 107 (1996).

Pandemonium’s broken out at the children’s hospital. Two demons and a vegetable monster duke it out while Abby and the kids of the Elysium Lawns hospital find a safe place away from the chaos.

It’s clear that Etrigan is here to destroy the Monkey King but at what cost?!

Abby’s new job is proving to be extremely stressful. Swamp Thing joins the fight so that she can get Paul to a safe place. Etrigan realizing the Monkey King is a manifestation, influenced by Paul, has no problem taking on the collateral damage. If he can’t beat the monkey, he’ll have to destroy Paul. Continue reading “Swamp Thing 27 (series 2)”

Mike’s Comic Hut Bags

Mike’s Comic Hut Bags (1987)

Ilke over at George Perez’s website sent along some images and info pertaining to a Swampy sighting within some comic shop promo materials. While living in New York City, George Perez’s local comic shop was Mike’s Comic Hut. For a little while Perez drew promo art for the Flushing, Queens based store. He created a series of illustrations that were printed on Mike’s shopping bags. The one below, from 1987 depicts Swamp Thing.
circa 1987

It’s certainly a small sighting but neat non the less. Gumby appears to be on top of Swamp Thing.
Through very smart, complicated advancements in space-age technology, I was able to blow-up the image of Swamp Thing, refine the quality, reconfigure the pixel ratio and VOILA! A crystal clear image of Swamp Thing.
Just kidding, and shame on you for believing such technology could ever possibly exist.

I’d love to find an actual bag (above). Having a piece of Mike’s legacy and a George Perez collectible would be pretty cool. Below are some of the other illustrations that made it on the shop’s bags. The detail is impressive. I hope George was compensated with free comics for his effort.

circa 1983

circa 1980

Detail from the 1987 bag. It appears that the Hut changed names at one point.
Mike’s shop closed it’s doors in 1993.
He passed away the following year.

Dog Welder, Steve Dillon, Totleben, Bissette

I’ve been looking forward to this week’s Six Pack & Dog Welder issue for a number of reasons. I love the world Garth Ennis and John McRea have created in Section 8. My favorite member of the Section 8 team is Dog Welder who happens to be the focus of this current series.

In 1997, Steve Dillon introduced Dog Welder to the world in Hitman 18. The late, great artist also created this week’s spectacular cover.
It’s an homage to the Swamp Thing 47 cover by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben released 30 years ago.

In this issue -much like Swamp Thing in The Parliament of Trees– Dog Welder explores his history and roots. He finds himself amongst a gallery of statues, much like a Parliament of Dog Welders.

I’ve been loving this series. Like all Section 8 stories, it’s crude, unorthodox cast and storyline is extremely entertaining. Wrapped up in Section 8’s current shenanigans is, John Constantine. As the featured guest Constantine adds another element of significance that the storyline and Dillon’s cover pays tribute to Swamp Thing. I’m looking forward to the next issue of this six part series to find out if Swampy is mentioned or if there are any more references to him.

it’s a stretch but I enjoy how much this western/pioneer era Dog Welder mask is shaped kind of like Swampy’s face.

The Hellblazer 3 & 4 – Swampy’s Smokin’

The Hellblazer 3 & 4 (2016)
The Poison Truth, part 3 & 4

The characters are all there, with plot elements that are intriguing enough, so why does this Hellblazer series continue to drag its seemingly tired feet? If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you’re aware that very little has occurred since issue 1. The series seems to be better suited for the Rebirth bimonthly format but has been spinning its wheels for more than four months. This lack of plot progression has been echoed in numerous DC Rebirth titles and as a result, I’ve been dropping books from my pull-list for the past two months. The Hellblazer series, along with other Rebirth titles, contains endearing and intriguing characters and concepts but as I spend my money on books each week that I hope to find entertaining and fun, I’ve begun to look elsewhere. I recently read a review of the Hellblazer series where the author stated, “If you’re not on board with it already, now is the time to start.” Issue 5 probably is a good point to start reading the series. Issues 1-4 could have been condensed into two comics and this final panel of issue 4 actually holds some hope for development.

As much as anyone else, I’m put off by comic book fans who feel entitled, getting on their soap box every chance they can, telling folks everything that is wrong with comics and comic related entertainment. The creative teams working on these books are professionals with a skill set that very few have. The art of storytelling is difficult and should be commended. My frustration with a number of the DC titles at the moment simply comes from the perspective of a consumer who would like to feel that I’m getting my monies worth. Although frustrated, I’m not convinced the creative teams working on these titles are pulling the strings on that end of the business plan.

The Hellblazer 4 was released this week. I held off on writing about issue 3 last month so I could roll it in with issue 4 and it’s cool variant cover. Between the two issues the new, whimsical variant cover by Yasmine Putri is the most exciting part.
Swampy plays it safe by sucking on a twig.
Everyone goes crazy for a sharp dressed muck-monster. Continue reading “The Hellblazer 3 & 4 – Swampy’s Smokin’”

The Panel Jumper LIVE and Seattle!

After my trip to Seattle, the Thanksgiving holiday and a number of naps to catch-up on sleep, I’ve finally finished writing about the fun I had at the Panel Jumper LIVE show and my trip. Enjoy!

On my way to  West of Lenin in Freemont, I pass through numerous neighborhoods; one after another, characteristically unique. I fall more in love with Seattle with each visit. I used to live here but was too young at the time to recall memories. I’ve traveled here to witness and revell in the effort, talent and passion that’s generated from a group that thrives in a hardworking, life-loving creative scene. It’s embedded, here in the damp, misty city by the sound. Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing and partaking in the sold-out, comic book based spectacular, The Panel Jumper LIVE, Episode III.

Photo by Dennie Chong

I looked up the participants beforehand, I attended the tech rehearsal the night prior, I thought I knew what I was in for but the live show revealed to be so much more. Cole Hornaday opened the show with an inspired and empowering speech calling upon attendees to rally around the improve mantra, “yes, and…”. Encouraging -in this time of political transition and threatening wave of bigotry- everyone to rise up and support each other; creatively, physically and most importantly, emotionally. Last night, at West of Lenin, The Panel Jumper -a comic book themed variety show- acted as a source of hope and inspiration… it was also absolutely hilarious.

When I told Cole I’d be flying into town to see the live show, he asked if I’d want to chat about my upcoming Swamp Thing fanzine along with my collection. I was happy to oblige and brought along a mock-up of the zine that I’m currently editing. Based on the crowd’s reaction, they enjoyed my stories relating to my collectibles and the upcoming book. I met some wonderful folks in participating in the live show and look forward to staying in contact. I’m always thrilled and surprised by how lucky I am when getting to know fellow Swamp Thing fans.

Me (right) chatting with Cole – Photo by Dennie Chong


AD3BD6B9-6589-4125-B38F-0E6B074CA32BPhoto by Dennie Chong
Cole and Ben Laurence enthusiastically wove the show together, introducing each act and discussing current comics news. They also aired their brand-spanking-new Panel Jumper episode!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Continue reading “The Panel Jumper LIVE and Seattle!”

The Panel Jumper LIVE!

The Panel Jumper LIVE!
West of Lenin, 8pm

It’s  a multifaceted performance, showcasing talented folks, expressing their passion for the sequential arts!

Seattle folks! AND… people who know people who live in Seattle who know those people love comics, I’m honored to say that I’ll be taking part in The Panel Jumper LIVE, tomorrow night. I love what the people behind The Panel Jumper do, I appreciate their passion and the hard work they put toward it. It’s going to be a great time! Quite frankly, you’ll pay full-price for your seat but you’ll only use the edge.