Swamp Thing Handheld Tiger

Tiger Electronic Handheld Game

I keep a folder on my computer dedicated to Swamp Thing collectibles that I’ve been looking for for a number of years. Most of the files are images of t-shirts from the early 90s, but this sealed Tiger game is also amongst the handful of images. Last week I finally came across this long, sought after game on eBay. I’ve not seen a sealed copy available for purchase nor in person and am happy to finally add it to the collection.

A couple years ago, I wrote about this handheld game. The gameplay is easier and more entertaining than the Nintendo game but I’ve always been more interested in Tiger’s packaging. The artwork features a collage of characters from the animated series that were re-purposed for multiple collectibles (stickers, board game, puzzles, etc). When the game arrived this week, I was really excited to see the packaging first hand.

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