Amazing Heroes 54

November 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Amazing Heroes 54 (1984)

 photo A2ECC458-7063-4D46-81FB-024E93BAFA0F.jpg
I’m combing through a pile of Amazing Heroes Back-issues this weekend and am hoping to post a few today. First up is issue #54. The book’s feature article focuses on the history of the X-Men but a short mention of Swamp Thing shows up in the Newsflashes section.

 photo 3C315995-2E50-43C3-BD77-04D388780E9E.jpg
In 1984, Swamp Thing became the first mainstream comic book series to completely abandon the Comics Code Authority; ushering in Sophisticated Suspense.
 photo 3AEDFE0F-BCB2-48EB-9333-6E11865B24D9.jpg



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