Comics Interview 96

November 11, 2016 § Leave a comment

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview 96 (1991)

This issue of Comics Interview features a great interview with artist, Charles Vess. As you’re probably aware, Vess painted a number of Swamp Thing covers. Unfortunately, Swamp Thing isn’t mentioned in the interview but he does make an appearance by way of a commission.
 photo 57D8AFA4-A2CA-483F-9226-31832A995F2E.jpg
 photo 9A636152-AA76-400A-A8DB-BDF467F1DBE4.jpg

The commission has appeared in a few different publications, including, Modern Masters, Vol 11: Charles Vess and Tundra Sketchbooks 5: Charles Vess. Both books feature initial concept sketches as well as the finished commission.
 photo 1B0252C6-83FE-4E6A-A61C-A09F51EA9BBB.jpg



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