The Panel Jumper LIVE and Seattle!

After my trip to Seattle, the Thanksgiving holiday and a number of naps to catch-up on sleep, I’ve finally finished writing about the fun I had at the Panel Jumper LIVE show and my trip. Enjoy!

On my way to  West of Lenin in Freemont, I pass through numerous neighborhoods; one after another, characteristically unique. I fall more in love with Seattle with each visit. I used to live here but was too young at the time to recall memories. I’ve traveled here to witness and revell in the effort, talent and passion that’s generated from a group that thrives in a hardworking, life-loving creative scene. It’s embedded, here in the damp, misty city by the sound. Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing and partaking in the sold-out, comic book based spectacular, The Panel Jumper LIVE, Episode III.

Photo by Dennie Chong

I looked up the participants beforehand, I attended the tech rehearsal the night prior, I thought I knew what I was in for but the live show revealed to be so much more. Cole Hornaday opened the show with an inspired and empowering speech calling upon attendees to rally around the improve mantra, “yes, and…”. Encouraging -in this time of political transition and threatening wave of bigotry- everyone to rise up and support each other; creatively, physically and most importantly, emotionally. Last night, at West of Lenin, The Panel Jumper -a comic book themed variety show- acted as a source of hope and inspiration… it was also absolutely hilarious.

When I told Cole I’d be flying into town to see the live show, he asked if I’d want to chat about my upcoming Swamp Thing fanzine along with my collection. I was happy to oblige and brought along a mock-up of the zine that I’m currently editing. Based on the crowd’s reaction, they enjoyed my stories relating to my collectibles and the upcoming book. I met some wonderful folks in participating in the live show and look forward to staying in contact. I’m always thrilled and surprised by how lucky I am when getting to know fellow Swamp Thing fans.

Me (right) chatting with Cole – Photo by Dennie Chong


AD3BD6B9-6589-4125-B38F-0E6B074CA32BPhoto by Dennie Chong
Cole and Ben Laurence enthusiastically wove the show together, introducing each act and discussing current comics news. They also aired their brand-spanking-new Panel Jumper episode!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Scotto Moore’s, “Fall of the Twilight Dove” -directed by Jamie Roberts- kicked the evening off and hilarity ensued until the curtain call and heads bowed. Moore’s one-act, three person, play explored a families’ great sense of humor, going to great lengths in the midst of cleaning house.
527C27EB-6DAD-4E54-89D5-CAA1801832BA.JPGPhoto by Dennie Chong

Ray Mirsa -AKA- Midgard, Wind and Fire performed a parody tale set to Otis Redding’s, “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay”. Modoc was the subject matter and the universe was in peril! I hope a live recording surfaces. I’m not aware if the evening was audio recorded.
DAB23F83-0CD1-4088-B6E5-AEE291A6E49DPhoto by Dennie Chong

Comedian and toy collector, Allison Lizotte shared her recent bizarre toy finds in a hilariously ad-libbed stand-up performance. It started with beautifully, demented dolls and ended with a body bag brought onto stage. The audience howled and gasped as Lizotte waltzed off stage with the creepiest homemade dummy I’ve ever seen.

Composer-pianist Michael Owcharuk performed two beautiful songs; one inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, the other a stirring, emotional tale of Master Splinter from the Turtles. It brought the house down.

611AB903-F71D-47E3-A143-0CFCE2AEF174.JPGPhoto by Dennie Chong
Cole interviewed Stefano Gaudiano, inker of Image/Skybounds The Walking Dead, Manifest Destiny and Marvels Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man. Gaudiano’s playful energy while telling stories from his years in comics as well as his process was intriguing and infectious. The interview rolled into a live recording of The Perfect Bound Podcast as Chris, Nicole and Ben joined Stefano and Cole on stage. The Perfect Bound Podcast crew picked Stefano’s brain for a while before finally introducing the show’s final act. Burlesque extraordinaire, Miss Daisy O’Day capped off the evening with an amazing performance dressed as Marvel’s Agent Carter and choreographed to Nico Vega’s rendition of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). It was truly awesome.
Cole and I talking about the Swamp Thing fanzine – Photo by Dennie Chong

It’s tough to adequately express the fun and spirit of Friday night. I’m honored to have taken part in the evening and, as always, look forward to The Panel Jumper’s future productions and projects. Keep up with The Panel Jumper and the Perfect Bound Podcast and enjoy their back-issues on their websites. All of their videos can be found on their YouTube page.

while in Seattle, I also swung by Pierced Heart Tattoo Palor to get a new ST piece from fellow Swampy fan, Alan.

His work is excellent and so is the crew at Pierced Heart. The tattoo is based on Jose Luis Garcia Lopez’s illustration from the cover of DC Spotlight (1985).

Alan also sculpts a killer bust. Check out the Swampy statue he keeps at his station! You can follow Alan’s work on his Instagram feed.

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