Mike’s Comic Hut Bags

Mike’s Comic Hut Bags (1987)

Ilke over at George Perez’s website sent along some images and info pertaining to a Swampy sighting within some comic shop promo materials. While living in New York City, George Perez’s local comic shop was Mike’s Comic Hut. For a little while Perez drew promo art for the Flushing, Queens based store. He created a series of illustrations that were printed on Mike’s shopping bags. The one below, from 1987 depicts Swamp Thing.
circa 1987

It’s certainly a small sighting but neat non the less. Gumby appears to be on top of Swamp Thing.
Through very smart, complicated advancements in space-age technology, I was able to blow-up the image of Swamp Thing, refine the quality, reconfigure the pixel ratio and VOILA! A crystal clear image of Swamp Thing.
Just kidding, and shame on you for believing such technology could ever possibly exist.

I’d love to find an actual bag (above). Having a piece of Mike’s legacy and a George Perez collectible would be pretty cool. Below are some of the other illustrations that made it on the shop’s bags. The detail is impressive. I hope George was compensated with free comics for his effort.

circa 1983

circa 1980

Detail from the 1987 bag. It appears that the Hut changed names at one point.
Mike’s shop closed it’s doors in 1993.
He passed away the following year.


4 thoughts on “Mike’s Comic Hut Bags

  1. Mike Berman of Mike’s Comic Hut popped into my head today as I was watching a matinee of “Thor: Ragnorak”. I wondered what Mike thought about seeing all these great Marvel (and to a lesser extent, DC) finally getting the real big screen treatment. Cannot tell you how sad I am at learning poor Mike passed away in 1994. I was born and raised in Flushing and proud to say not only was I one of Mike’s original customers (when he sold comics out of a few ratty boxes as part of a collectibles/antiques store), but I also suggested he should have his own place. I’m so glad he listened because Mike’s Comic Hut, nicely nestled next to my favorite all-time movie theater the UA Quartet was a huge hit. Mike looked like and reminded me of the late artist Bob Ross. Big smile to go along with his afro and a kind hearted soul. Rest In Peace, Mike, and thanks for your love of comics that lives through me to this day!


      1. I wish I did. I once met George Perez at Mike’s Comic Hut on my way home from school and he penciled a quick Thing/Ben Grimm for me. What I would give to still have that right now!

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