Australian Bumper Batcomic 6

Bumper Batcomic 6 (1977)

I’m extremely excited to add this Australian edition to my collection. I’ve been on the hunt for it for numerous years.
The book reprints the Brave and the Bold 122 “The Hour of the Beast” (1975) For more information on that issue: here

The oversized black and white edition looks so good. Aparo’s Swamp Thing and Batman are some of my favorite renditions of the characters. Bob Haney writes the tale; the Bat and Muck-Monster saving Gotham.


Transformers vs GI Joe: Kirby to Bissette to Scioli

Transformers VS GI Joe 7 (2015)

Fellow Swamp Thing fan and friend, Marc Wagner brought this awesome cover to my attention a few weeks back. The Transformers vs GI Joe 7 (2015) cover by Tom Scioli pays tribute to Stephen Bissette’s cover of Swamp Thing #62 (series 2).
But, Bissette’s cover in turn pays tribute to a Jack Kirby spread from New Gods 5 (1971), below. Although Scioli’s Transformers cover looks more similar to Bissette’s Swamp Thing cover, Scioli’s rendering style is more reminiscent of Kirby’s technique. His use of Kirby krackle/dots makes it feel like the best of both worlds. This is another wonderful gem buried within the amazing artwork and creative talent that has made its way into Swamp Thing books.

Wonder Woman 295 “Video Mania”

Wonder Woman 295 (1982)
Video Mania

While traveling back home for the holidays we stopped to visit a few comic shops along the way. Digging through the various long boxes at Galactic Comics of Statesboro, GA I came across this issue of Wonder Woman. I’ve been looking for issue 295 for a little while now but have yet to find it in a shop until now. The book contains an in-house ad highlighting Saga of the Swamp Thing 5, The Screams of Hungry Flesh! (1982)

The 4 page spread of ads stands out quite a bit. The pages are located in the center of the book and are printed on glossy paper, a sharp contrast to the pulp-like paper that the rest of the book is printed on. The same 4 pages of glossy ads appears in a number of DC books that were published around this time, including Green Lantern #156 (Volume 2) Judas World (1982)

back cover:

World’s Finest 252

World’s Finest 252 (1978)

Poison Ivy’s origin continues to grow in this oversized, action-packed comic. The book features, “The Will of the Whisperer” starring Batman and Superman, “Blades and Illusions” featuring Black Canary and Green Arrow, “The Keeper of Secrets Is Death” starring The Creeper, and “A Poison of the Heart” featuring Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.

I initially purchased this book because it features an early Poison Ivy appearance but upon closer examination I noticed this great ad for the Original Swamp Thing Saga 14! The Swamp Thing edition collects issues 3 and 4 of Wein and Wrightson’s classic first series.

This issue of World’s Finest marks Poison Ivy’s 14th appearance. Over the years I’ve been slowly collecting her appearances and this book has been on my want list for some time now. Continue reading “World’s Finest 252”

DC Heroes Role Playing Game Sourcebook: Magic

DC Heroes Role Playing Game Sourcebook: Magic (1992)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I’m happy to say that I recieved some great Swamp Thing related presents today for Christmas. It’s been a very busy past few months and I hope to have more down time to catch up on reading and writing. In the meantime, here’s an awesome book that I recieved today.
cover by George Pratt

Not only is this a great sourcebook for a fun game, it features a bunch of information related to the Magic realm of the DC Universe. Swamp Thing, Abby, Arcane, Deadman, the Parliament of Trees, the Green and so much more are highlighted and explained for participants of the role playing game.
I was not aware of Swamp Thing’s appearance in this book until last month. His bio is three pages long and quite thorough, covering his origin up to the then current storyline from 1992.

Swampy is referenced multiple times throughout the book, playing a pivotal role as Earth’s mighty elemental and as a conduit between the realms of magic and science/nature. Continue reading “DC Heroes Role Playing Game Sourcebook: Magic”

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview 24

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview #24 (1985)

Karen Berger was only five and a half years in -as a comics editor- when this article was written and was working on some of DC’s greatest books. She discusses her experiences coming up as an editor along with her early work on House of Mystery. I was most excited to read her thoughts on Swamp Thing and her experience on the title. For the most part she only talks about Swamp Thing in regard to her editing duties and how the title is a bit easier, with Moore, Bissette and Totleben as the creative team.

I could hardly contain myself when I saw this illustration by Bissette and Totleben.
The two illustrated it for Karen and she confirmed via twitter that the piece still hangs in her home today.
Continue reading “David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview 24”

From the edge of the Twentieth Century

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 28 (1984)
The Burial

The “Spotlight on… Swamp Thing” feature located toward the back of this issue seemed like an appropriate place to start things off. This book marks the fourth Swamp Thing issue under Karen Berger as editor (her first being issue 25). Berger’s introduction…

Moore’s prose…
Moore’s wonderful writing echoes the tone that we encounter in his amazing run. In her intro, Berger mentions the “prose passage” not being included in DC’s Summer Sampler, but it did indeed apear in, “DC Sampler 2” which was released the same month as this issue, ST 28 (September 1984).

Saga 28 pumps the breaks as the story slows down with a crisis of identity as Swamp Thing continues to put the pieces together after learning of his origin, in issue 21. As the title alludes, Swampy tires to bury his past. Although Totleben and Bissette are credited on the cover, Shawn McManus acts as guest artist on, “The Burial”.
D25FDD36-EC8D-4574-A9F2-0BC08FD609DC Continue reading “From the edge of the Twentieth Century”