David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview 24

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview #24 (1985)

Karen Berger was only five and a half years in -as a comics editor- when this article was written and was working on some of DC’s greatest books. She discusses her experiences coming up as an editor along with her early work on House of Mystery. I was most excited to read her thoughts on Swamp Thing and her experience on the title. For the most part she only talks about Swamp Thing in regard to her editing duties and how the title is a bit easier, with Moore, Bissette and Totleben as the creative team.

I could hardly contain myself when I saw this illustration by Bissette and Totleben.
The two illustrated it for Karen and she confirmed via twitter that the piece still hangs in her home today.


Berger doesn’t appear to be the only editor having fun in this book. Within the table of contents, David Anthony Kraft is looking very swampy!

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