World’s Finest 252

World’s Finest 252 (1978)

Poison Ivy’s origin continues to grow in this oversized, action-packed comic. The book features, “The Will of the Whisperer” starring Batman and Superman, “Blades and Illusions” featuring Black Canary and Green Arrow, “The Keeper of Secrets Is Death” starring The Creeper, and “A Poison of the Heart” featuring Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.

I initially purchased this book because it features an early Poison Ivy appearance but upon closer examination I noticed this great ad for the Original Swamp Thing Saga 14! The Swamp Thing edition collects issues 3 and 4 of Wein and Wrightson’s classic first series.

This issue of World’s Finest marks Poison Ivy’s 14th appearance. Over the years I’ve been slowly collecting her appearances and this book has been on my want list for some time now.

in ’78 Clark Bar pulled out all the stops and gave away a whole bunch of prizes!

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