Wonder Woman 295 “Video Mania”

Wonder Woman 295 (1982)
Video Mania

While traveling back home for the holidays we stopped to visit a few comic shops along the way. Digging through the various long boxes at Galactic Comics of Statesboro, GA I came across this issue of Wonder Woman. I’ve been looking for issue 295 for a little while now but have yet to find it in a shop until now. The book contains an in-house ad highlighting Saga of the Swamp Thing 5, The Screams of Hungry Flesh! (1982)
 photo 68CCEA79-90CF-49AB-9B0E-D4F65A6D51A2.jpg
 photo F03794C7-082F-4F50-9C81-AAF0DD436CE6.jpg

The 4 page spread of ads stands out quite a bit. The pages are located in the center of the book and are printed on glossy paper, a sharp contrast to the pulp-like paper that the rest of the book is printed on. The same 4 pages of glossy ads appears in a number of DC books that were published around this time, including Green Lantern #156 (Volume 2) Judas World (1982)
 photo 577589D3-C9C9-4C70-A5F2-72F9193248B6.jpg
 photo 95E1095F-6504-4CA9-B84D-39F5AC0724E4.jpg


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