Transformers vs GI Joe: Kirby to Bissette to Scioli

Transformers VS GI Joe 7 (2015)

Fellow Swamp Thing fan and friend, Marc Wagner brought this awesome cover to my attention a few weeks back. The Transformers vs GI Joe 7 (2015) cover by Tom Scioli pays tribute to Stephen Bissette’s cover of Swamp Thing #62 (series 2).
But, Bissette’s cover in turn pays tribute to a Jack Kirby spread from New Gods 5 (1971), below. Although Scioli’s Transformers cover looks more similar to Bissette’s Swamp Thing cover, Scioli’s rendering style is more reminiscent of Kirby’s technique. His use of Kirby krackle/dots makes it feel like the best of both worlds. This is another wonderful gem buried within the amazing artwork and creative talent that has made its way into Swamp Thing books.

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