DC kicks the code

Saga of the Swamp Thing 29 (1984)
Love and Death

There are a number of reasons why this book is great but it’s special in that DC released it without the Comics Code approval. With this issue, Swamp Thing takes another significant step in leaving his mark in comic book history. Moving forward, DC decided to stop submitting the book for Comics Code approval. This further allowed the creative team to explore taboo subject matter and the nightmarish situations within Swamp Thing’s world.
I can recall the progression of most Swamp books but I tend to forget the pacing of the stories. Rereading the chronology revitalizes my excitement for the story telling and craftsmanship. This issue is a great example. It’s terrifying what Abby goes through and Moore tells the terrifying experience all too well. So well that it would  eventually make him the subject of intense debate on how he depicts and perceives women.

I’ve read this book numerous times and it still seems to kick my brain around. This is the seemingly cursed, nightmare life of the Arcane family. None of them get out unscathed…
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Tom Yeates Interview

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview #22 (1985)

In this issue of David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview, Swamp Thing series two artist Tom Yeates is featured and interviewed. The interview focused on  Yeates’ career and his experiences in comics. I was thrilled to read his Swamp Thing related responses. He talks a bit about working with Martin Pasko during series two as well as why he quit working on the title. In this post I’ve isolated portions of the interview pertaining to Swamp Thing but I recommend finding a copy of his issue and reading the entire interview. It’s  very insightful and a fun read.

Various Swamp Thing related articles and interviews have referenced Martin Pasko’s busy schedule, taking on too many projects while working on the title. The highlighted excerpt below calls out Yeates’ challenges while working on the title.

Below is Yeates’ entire answer regarding what it was like working with Pasko on the second series.

Later in the interview, Tom is asked why he stopped working on Swamp Thing. I highlighted a few key points that jumped out at me. Yeates again mentions Pasko’s busy schedule and then touches upon how his interest wained upon getting into Pasko’s story. As you’ll read below, Pasko’s agenda conflicted with Yeates’.

This bit below was my favorite portion of the interview. Yeates talks about Totleben and Bissette being the perfect fit for the series. Afterward, Tom discusses feeling conflicted by the morals conveyed in the story.
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3 years in!

Thank you for visiting. Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of rootsoftheswampthing.com. I’m surprised by how quickly time has flown by. Last year, interactions with fellow fans was up considerably compared to the previous year and it’s been wonderful getting to know more fellow Swampy fans. To celebrate, my fiancé surprised me with this awesome Swamp Thing cake. It’s decorated with hundreds of little leaves and roots. The more we ate, the more ominous Swampy looked… naturally.

I’m not one for celebrating the new year but I am excited to see what’s coming down the pike. For starters, the Swamp Thing fanzine I’ve been working on ships next month (February)! The book looks great and it’s filled to the brim with content. I’ve received a number of inquiries from fellow Swamp Thing fans who want to get their hands on the fanzine. Not to worry, books will be available for purchase in the coming month and I will provide plenty of info so that no one is left out. With the book, I’ll be sending out these Swamp Thing fanclub buttons while supplies last.

For all the latest on Swamp Thing and upcoming releases check out my new releases page. I update it regularly. If you know of any appearances or upcoming releases that star Swamp Thing drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to another Swamp Thing filled year with you.

Wonder Woman 61

Wonder Woman 61 (1992)
To Avenge an Amazon

This story from Wonder Woman volume 2 stars a slew of high profile comic characters but not one of them is Swamp Thing. So why would the book make its way on the site?
Swamp Thing ad!! A subscription ad at that.

Swampy can be found at the top of the page, three in from the right.

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Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper and Michael Zulli?

Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation, book 2 (1994)

Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli team up to create this three issue mini-series starring Alice Cooper. The series was released by Marvel Music but looks like a Vertigo title, front to back. Dave McKean even handled the covers making the books look like a Sandman series.
it’s an interesting series and it doesn’t hurt that I’m quite the Alice Cooper fan. But, what excites me most about this book is seeing Michael Zulli’s Swamp Thing poster in a Marvel title.

It’s not the entire poster but you can find it on the wall, in the background.

Here’s Zulli’s actual poster.
The poster was released a year prior to this book, in 1993. The illustration went on to inspire the limited edition Swampy statues (1996/1999), DC/Vertigo figures (1999) and has appeared on collected editions. Zulli was slated to illustrate Swamp Thing #88 Morning of the Magician but as we all know, the “controversial” book never came to be. The script and rough pages can be found online with a little digging. Zulli’s pages are beautifully done, even unfinished.

Cain ain’t with the swamp monster

Elvira’s House of Mystery 11 (1987)

The “Find Cain” contest comes to a head but Cain is having a difficult time recalling where he’s been. He mentions spending time with, “this swamp monster–” …along with a blue beetle and a house of weirdness.

This little mention/reference is up for debate.
Is this “swamp monster”, Swamp Thing or is it referencing another swamp dweller from any number of DC’s horror books?

I’ve not read this entire Elvira mini-series so I could be missing the boat altogether. I’d like to think the swamp monster in question is none other than Swamp Thing. After all, Swampy’s first appearance was in House of Secrets 92, hosted by Cain and Able.

Swamp Thing Long Sleeve Shirt

Swamp Thing Long Sleeve Shirt (1990)

Last month I was able to track down another shirt from the animated series era of Swamp Thing merchandise. A few different Swampy illustrations donned the front of various shirt styles in the early 90s. All were children sized shirts but even a sweatsuit was produced bearing the same illustration as below.
Here are a couple links and more information regarding different shirts with the same illustration.
T-shirt    – Sweatsuit

Swampy bursts through the swamp grass and bulrushes on this blue shirt!