Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper and Michael Zulli?

Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation, book 2 (1994)

Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli team up to create this three issue mini-series starring Alice Cooper. The series was released by Marvel Music but looks like a Vertigo title, front to back. Dave McKean even handled the covers making the books look like a Sandman series.
it’s an interesting series and it doesn’t hurt that I’m quite the Alice Cooper fan. But, what excites me most about this book is seeing Michael Zulli’s Swamp Thing poster in a Marvel title.

It’s not the entire poster but you can find it on the wall, in the background.

Here’s Zulli’s actual poster.
The poster was released a year prior to this book, in 1993. The illustration went on to inspire the limited edition Swampy statues (1996/1999), DC/Vertigo figures (1999) and has appeared on collected editions. Zulli was slated to illustrate Swamp Thing #88 Morning of the Magician but as we all know, the “controversial” book never came to be. The script and rough pages can be found online with a little digging. Zulli’s pages are beautifully done, even unfinished.

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