Wonder Woman 61

Wonder Woman 61 (1992)
To Avenge an Amazon

 photo 114D09FA-905E-44A2-B285-24F67EDC6911.jpg
This story from Wonder Woman volume 2 stars a slew of high profile comic characters but not one of them is Swamp Thing. So why would the book make its way on the site?
Swamp Thing ad!! A subscription ad at that.

 photo AAB6C29B-A8AF-4EE1-837A-073B0208A790.jpg
Swampy can be found at the top of the page, three in from the right.

The Christmas themed subscription ad features a chorus line of D.C. greats as well as a Christmas poem… of sorts.
 photo 89BBC6CD-9FAD-47AB-8B85-0F0E1E701EDB.jpg
 photo 742BF9D5-7FF5-47CF-A6A9-DC7C940C5A48.jpg
 photo E670656D-4C71-4CC5-8AA0-4B35A01DC674.jpg


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