3 years in!

Thank you for visiting. Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of rootsoftheswampthing.com. I’m surprised by how quickly time has flown by. Last year, interactions with fellow fans was up considerably compared to the previous year and it’s been wonderful getting to know more fellow Swampy fans. To celebrate, my fiancé surprised me with this awesome Swamp Thing cake. It’s decorated with hundreds of little leaves and roots. The more we ate, the more ominous Swampy looked… naturally.

I’m not one for celebrating the new year but I am excited to see what’s coming down the pike. For starters, the Swamp Thing fanzine I’ve been working on ships next month (February)! The book looks great and it’s filled to the brim with content. I’ve received a number of inquiries from fellow Swamp Thing fans who want to get their hands on the fanzine. Not to worry, books will be available for purchase in the coming month and I will provide plenty of info so that no one is left out. With the book, I’ll be sending out these Swamp Thing fanclub buttons while supplies last.

For all the latest on Swamp Thing and upcoming releases check out my new releases page. I update it regularly. If you know of any appearances or upcoming releases that star Swamp Thing drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to another Swamp Thing filled year with you.

2 thoughts on “3 years in!

  1. way to go! three years of wonderfulness. it’s so nice to have somebody else who’s even more wacky than i am about Swampy appearances. thanks for all the help over the years and i’m glad i could help with the chronology. i’m also glad to hear you’ve got a loved one who encourages your mania. and makes you cake! lol


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