Batman Villains: Secret Files & Origins

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Batman Villains: Secret Files & Origins 1 (1998)

My plan is to write a Swampy/Poison Ivy story but in the meantime I’m hunting down her many appearances, reading through her chronology and taking notes.
In my attempt to track down Poison Ivy’s chronology I stumbled upon a tiny Swamp Thing appearance by Tom Mandrake. Swampy fans will recall Mandrake’s time on  Swamp Thing; for about 10 issues, ranging from ’86-’92.

This book  is full of  notable villains. I came looking for Ivy, I left with a Swamp Thing collectible to add to the collection.
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Swamp Thing sits in the background of Black Masks’ file. The background is a crowd made-up of various DC characters; villains and heroes.
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Mandrake’s Swampy is sandwiched between Frankenstein and Batman. It’s an interesting depiction. He looks smooth and slightly phallic.
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Swampy & JLA

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Justice League of America 117 (1975)
I Have No Wings And I Must Fly!
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The JLA have no Swamp Thing and Thomas Adams from Medford, New Jersey is jonesing for an appearance via The JLA Mail Room.
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While Mr Adams was hoping for a Swamp Thing appearance in 1975, Swamp Thing 15, The Soul-Spell of Father Bliss would have been hitting the shelves around the same time.
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Thomas wrote into The JLA Mail Room to recommend an appearance by some of his favorite characters. He wasn’t the only one. At least a dozen other fans recommend their favorite characters, hoping the letters page would answer their JLA team-up dreams.
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Underground Inc podcast

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Underground Inc Podcast came to town!

Before I jump into the fun weekend I had with the guys from the Underground Inc podcast, there’s still time to pre-order an issue of the Holland Files Swamp Thing fanzine. There aren’t many left but books are still available. Email me at JohnEBoylan(at)Gmail(dot)com to reserve yours today!
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This weekend, Ben and Billy of Underground Inc drove up from Iowa to tour my collection and chat about Swamp Thing. Along with an interview, we recorded a commentary while watching The Return of Swamp Thing movie. We had a great time and audio audio from their visit will be available soon. Go to Underground Inc for more info.
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During their visit the guys recorded a couple Facebook videos. The first is at home with my collection.
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Holland Files #1 Pre-Order is Here!

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I’m extremely honored to announce that the 80-page, debut issue of Holland Files -an international Swamp Thing fanzine- is now available for pre-order! Swamp Thing’s forty-six year history has been crafted by renowned artists and writers. A number of those greats have contributed to this book. Swamp Thing professionals and fans from around the world have come together to share their love for the muck-encrusted mockery of a man. This books acts as a way to carry on Swamp Thing’s legacy as well as a thank you to all those who have shared in the joy and excitement that the character has inspired.
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For $10 you will receive the debut issue of the Holland Files, a Swamp Thing Fanclub button, a Swamp Thing Fanclub membership card as well as free shipping within the United States. Unfortunately, there will be a shipping fee for International customers based upon destination.

To order your copy, email me at JohnEBoylan(AT)Gmail(DOT)com where I will provide secure payment instructions and gather your shipping information. Pre-ordered books will ship during the month of March.

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