Holland Files #1 Pre-Order is Here!

I’m extremely honored to announce that the 80-page, debut issue of Holland Files -an international Swamp Thing fanzine- is now available for pre-order! Swamp Thing’s forty-six year history has been crafted by renowned artists and writers. A number of those greats have contributed to this book. Swamp Thing professionals and fans from around the world have come together to share their love for the muck-encrusted mockery of a man. This books acts as a way to carry on Swamp Thing’s legacy as well as a thank you to all those who have shared in the joy and excitement that the character has inspired.

For $10 you will receive the debut issue of the Holland Files, a Swamp Thing Fanclub button, a Swamp Thing Fanclub membership card as well as free shipping within the United States. Unfortunately, there will be a shipping fee for International customers based upon destination.

To order your copy, email me at JohnEBoylan(AT)Gmail(DOT)com where I will provide secure payment instructions and gather your shipping information. Pre-ordered books will ship during the month of March.

2 thoughts on “Holland Files #1 Pre-Order is Here!

  1. Swampy is hands down mine Favorite character, one of the first comucs I bought @ my nearby 7 Eleven. So saddened by Berni’s passing, such a genuinely friendly gentleman whom I met @ HeroesCon a few times, miss him already. Thanx for the art kind sir!


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