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February 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Underground Inc Podcast came to town!

Before I jump into the fun weekend I had with the guys from the Underground Inc podcast, there’s still time to pre-order an issue of the Holland Files Swamp Thing fanzine. There aren’t many left but books are still available. Email me at JohnEBoylan(at)Gmail(dot)com to reserve yours today!
 photo Holland_Files_mockup2 1banner.jpg

This weekend, Ben and Billy of Underground Inc drove up from Iowa to tour my collection and chat about Swamp Thing. Along with an interview, we recorded a commentary while watching The Return of Swamp Thing movie. We had a great time and audio audio from their visit will be available soon. Go to Underground Inc for more info.
 photo unilogo.jpg
During their visit the guys recorded a couple Facebook videos. The first is at home with my collection.
 photo 328A7CA1-084B-4DB0-B93C-563932909B38.jpg

Below are some stills from the video.
 photo 86E95A0B-BD37-49A7-8570-05506A384E60.jpg
 photo AB24103F-49F2-479A-8FC6-976D6E46EA9B.jpg
 photo 0D43E665-8D25-4AAF-BDC2-A6EC8031DB72.jpg

After the home tour we wandered down to Ipso Gallery in downtown Sioux Falls where some items from my collection are on display. We walked through the items and answered some viewer questions.
 photo 3BDF071A-BEDB-4FB3-B058-6E99825AD74A.jpg

Follow in the fun we had and listen to the entire interview by going to Underground Inc’s website.
 photo F10C0CE2-4995-4148-8EF6-BD1EC7F10318.jpg
 photo B833F2DF-5DEB-499A-AFA0-084E3A0C1E8F.jpg
 photo 09AD02C0-F61C-499B-A6A8-7E330EB23372.jpg
 photo EC0CBECD-6C61-426D-B0C7-68CE8563B7F8.jpg
 photo 2DAEF3BB-C0FA-4EE6-A0A9-7F066C807539.jpg



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