Swampy & JLA

Justice League of America 117 (1975)
I Have No Wings And I Must Fly!

The JLA have no Swamp Thing and Thomas Adams from Medford, New Jersey is jonesing for an appearance via The JLA Mail Room.

While Mr Adams was hoping for a Swamp Thing appearance in 1975, Swamp Thing 15, The Soul-Spell of Father Bliss would have been hitting the shelves around the same time.

Thomas wrote into The JLA Mail Room to recommend an appearance by some of his favorite characters. He wasn’t the only one. At least a dozen other fans recommend their favorite characters, hoping the letters page would answer their JLA team-up dreams.
Editor Rob Rozakis responds to fans.

Although this is a tiny Swamp Thing mention within the JLA letters page, it is interesting to read Swamp Thing fans wanting more, and considering the possibility that he could play a bigger role. Swamp Thing wouldn’t be involved with the JLA for another nine years when Totleben, Bissette and Moore would craft Saga of the Swamp Thing 24, Roots in 1984. Prior to Saga of the Swamp Thing 24, Superman and Batman are the only JLA members who’ve encountered/interacted with Swampy. Batman first encountered Swamp Thing in Swamp Thing 7, Night of the Bat in 1973. Superman first encountered Swamp Thing in DC Comics Presents 8, The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy in 1979. Hawkman would have been the second member of the JLA to meet Swampy if Swamp Thing 25 (series 1) had come to fruition.

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