Swamp Thing 30

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 30 (1984)
A Halo of Flies

The saga continues…
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“The returned man smiles…” Anton Arcane is back from the dead and out for vengeance. Like a shockwave rippling across the country, his evil is infectious and spreads. Folks start acting weird, committing violent acts. They start to do very bad things.
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In a sick and cruel twist, Abby’s new home (-see SOTST 29) has become the epicenter for evil.
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“…and everything bad within two hundred miles finds itself heading for Louisiana without knowing why…”
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The story is absolutely chilling. I’ve shared four of my favorite panels so far. The scene the creative team establishes within those four panels alone, is terrifying.

The title page looks like a scene from an EC horror book. Abby’s terror continues as recently resurrected, Anton Arcane launches into exposition. Continue reading “Swamp Thing 30”

Holland Files all around the world

The debut issue of Holland Files -the international Swamp Thing fanzine– has been popping up all around the world! A hundred more books will be shipping out this weekend and that’ll conclude the run of Holland Files #1. I’ve already started organizing a line-up for issue two and am excited to keep the Holland Files fanzine going into the future. In the meantime, thank you for your patience as your Swampy package arrives.
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I heard from Casey Lau in Hong Kong (image above) and Joost Bohnen in Amsterdam (image below). They took these great photos of the book with their hometown in the background. Share your copy of Holland Files and I’ll share them with everyone here on the site.

Thank you,

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From Stan in Tasmania!
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From Bryan in Hawaii!
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From Rodrigo in Brazil
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Superband 9: Swampy’s in Germany

Batman – Superband 9 (1979)
Ein Monster Sieht Rot!

Swamp Thing appears in this fantastic, oversized German edition. It collects a number of Batman stories and Swampy’s appearance falls within “Ein Monster Sieht Rot!” , originally printed in Swamp Thing 7 (1973). A fellow Swamp Thing fan let me know that this is Swampy’s first appearance in a German comic. I thought that was pretty darn cool!
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The cover of the book is unique in that it references the Swamp Thing story, “Night of the Bat” but does not use the original cover. I love finding non-US editions that feature reinterpreted Swamp Thing covers.
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I was really surprised to see this cool centerfold spread of Batman. The image comes from “Night of the Bat”, drawn by Bernie Wrightson (who draws my favorite Batman).
 photo 1224F523-5211-4118-9AC3-25840FD1B13B.jpg Continue reading “Superband 9: Swampy’s in Germany”

Quantity & Craft: Neal Adams Treasury 1

Neal Adams Treasury 1 (1974)

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This fantastic reference to one of comics’ great artists features a previously unpublished muck-rocker that reminds me of a lot of Swamp Thing. The book provides much more, including my favorite, the Neal Adams index! A dream list for any Adams collector or completist.

The book features an interview with Adams, background experience and a slew of images, previously published and many unpublished. If memory recalls, it was the first of three Adams Treasury books.
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I’ve done a whole lot of digging and I can’t seem to find this Power Records release. For those unfamiliar, Power Records published a  book and record series throughout the 70s. Getting a comic and a record to listen along was pretty cool and I enjoy coming across them. When I do, I tend to snatch them up because I don’t see them all that often.
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I’ve asked Rob Kelly over at the Power Records Blog if it was ever released. I’ll get back to you with his response.
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I image Stump the Swamp Child would be a blues metal band. Really sludgy and a morose. He looks kind of bummed out.

Although I wouldn’t consider this a Swamp Thing sighting, Adams’ detail has the energy of Bernie Wrightson. The “Swamp Child” font looks very similar to the Swamp Thing logotype and when it comes down to it, it’s a really awesome illustration. Continue reading “Quantity & Craft: Neal Adams Treasury 1”

Justice League 111 Swampy Crossword

Justice League of America 111 (1974)

I’m very excited to share another Swamp Thing sighting I found while doing some Poison Ivy research. In this issue of the Justice League from 1974, Swampy appears in a crossword puzzle as well as an advertisement! I was reading the book because Ivy makes an appearance as a member of the Injustice Gang. In this issue, she goes to space and her alias is finally revealed to be, Pamela Isley! Pretty cool stuff; more on all that another time.
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Last year I wrote about a word search that featured Swamp Thing. The puzzle can be found in the oversized Limited Collectors’ Edition: Christmas with the Super-Heroes DC Treasury Edition from 1975. When I stumbled upon his name in that word search I about fell out of my seat. Well, this sighting got just about the same reaction. I could not believe my eyes… “New Wein-Wrightson comic: SWAMP _____”.
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 photo 945ADA95-8326-420A-A76A-A9B7123CE745.jpg

Along with the cool JLA puzzle, Swampy makes an appearance in the back of the book in DC’s “line of super-stars” ad. The ST book being advertised is Swamp Thing 10 “The Man Who Would Not Die” (1974).
 photo 14C7E726-877D-4DD9-9B93-D96E54BDD050.jpg Continue reading “Justice League 111 Swampy Crossword”