2005 Dallas Comic Con Program


February was a crazy month and I’m extremely excited for things to get back to normal after shipping out all the Swamp Thing fanzines. I’m proud that the first issue came to fruition without too many complications and I hope you all enjoy the book. Hundreds of books have already been shipped out and hundreds more will be shipped throughout the month of March. If you pre-ordered a book, please be patient in receiving your package.
Here are 30 Swamp Thing illustrations I painted for some generous Kickstarter supporters.

Ok, back to the 2005 Dallas Comic Con program! The cover features a painting by Bernie Wrightson who was one of the featured guests that year. I apologize for the dark pictures, the program was printed that dark. Two variant pieces, similar to the program cover, are floating around online. They are more vibrant and quite stunning.

Program Cover Detail:

Bernie’s program bio

The program also features an ad for one of my favorite purveyors of comic books. Mycomicshop.com is a wonderful resource with a great inventory.

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