Fantastic Footage 2

It looks like a comic book but it’s actually a stock photo promotional mailer. And best of all, it references Swamp Thing!

This awesome book arrived at work earlier this week and I almost fell out of my chair as I thumbed through the pages. First of all, the book is a really neat concept produced by the stock photo company, Dissolve. The promotional piece acts as a comic book with each panel featuring stock photography that’s available on their website, It’s a creative and fun way to sell their product and get (comic junkies like) me interested.
“what about Swamp Thing from the comics?”

There are a number of short stories throughout the comic. Each story alludes to a sci-fi and/or notable film. This Swamp Thing story tells less of a tale and acts more like a little joke but it sure is great to see Swamp Thing’s name!

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