Justice League 111 Swampy Crossword

Justice League of America 111 (1974)

I’m very excited to share another Swamp Thing sighting I found while doing some Poison Ivy research. In this issue of the Justice League from 1974, Swampy appears in a crossword puzzle as well as an advertisement! I was reading the book because Ivy makes an appearance as a member of the Injustice Gang. In this issue, she goes to space and her alias is finally revealed to be, Pamela Isley! Pretty cool stuff; more on all that another time.
 photo 3E9FA5D7-BC70-4E6F-8795-8BF954E3A40B.jpg

Last year I wrote about a word search that featured Swamp Thing. The puzzle can be found in the oversized Limited Collectors’ Edition: Christmas with the Super-Heroes DC Treasury Edition from 1975. When I stumbled upon his name in that word search I about fell out of my seat. Well, this sighting got just about the same reaction. I could not believe my eyes… “New Wein-Wrightson comic: SWAMP _____”.
 photo 6C0F9591-5131-4E26-B26D-FDC368D96EB9.jpg
 photo 945ADA95-8326-420A-A76A-A9B7123CE745.jpg

Along with the cool JLA puzzle, Swampy makes an appearance in the back of the book in DC’s “line of super-stars” ad. The ST book being advertised is Swamp Thing 10 “The Man Who Would Not Die” (1974).
 photo 14C7E726-877D-4DD9-9B93-D96E54BDD050.jpg

Also included in the back of the book is an Injustice League bio page. Brief write-ups along with an image are provided for each villainous member. Ivy’s alias is finally revealed to be Pamela Isley.
 photo AD23ABE5-AC1F-4D8D-82BA-E24B5A2E3C72.jpg


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