PROOF: Swampy was at Stupidman’s Funeral

The Death of Stupidman (1993)

The hunt for any and all things Swamp Thing -no matter how crazy or great- is a never ending job. This oddball parody book serves as the perfect example. I found it while rooting through some Long boxes looking for Super Friends (1976) books.
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All of the characters in the book seem to be “stupidheroes” but I can’t imagine they’d call Swampy, “Stupid Thing”! …of course they wouldn’t.
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Unfortunately Stupid Thing doesn’t appear in the book. The story parodies Doomsday and Superman’s epic battle to the end.
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It’s not a very big book but it contains some funny gems like the series of panels below.
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The Brave and the Bold 188

The Brave and the Bold 188 (1982)

As my Poison Ivy research continues, I picked up this Thorn appearance and to my surprise I stumbled upon Swamp Thing! I’ve mentioned it before but I’m collecting and documenting Poison Ivy’s Chronology in order to write a story about an early Swamp Thing and Ivy encounter. I’ve got a ton of notes and some really fun ideas.
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Toward the back of the book comes, “an annual tradition!”
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I’ve not seen this ad before and am extremely excited to share it with you.  Saga of the Swamp Thing 2 appears in the ad announcing the return of DC Annual. Although it was released six months prior to SOST 2, DC didn’t use the actual cover of the first Swamp Thing Annual …history’s mysteries!
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The story featuring Thorn is pretty thin but contains a fun, earth friendly message. Continue reading “The Brave and the Bold 188”

Alec and Moore on tubers

Comic Book Comics 5 (2011)

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Comic Book Comics chronicles the history of comics and in this issue, copyrights and intellectual property is the focus.
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There goes the neighborhood…
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the book spends some time discussing the wave of great U.K. talent that rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s., along with the hurtles they encountered with their intellectual property. Continue reading “Alec and Moore on tubers”

Green Lantern Swamp Thing

Amazing Heroes 104 (1986)
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Amazing Heroes and their fan submitted art never disappoints in delivering fun parody appearances. Over the years I’ve found a number of great Swampy references and parodies within the pages of Amazing Heroes. This one may be one of my favorites…
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On the very last page of the book, Greg Wilcox’s Swamp Thing puts the Green in Green Lantern.

the News section also has a bit about Stephen Bissette’s plans for Swamp Thing 59.
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Another key item that made me fall in love with this issue is the oversized reproduction of this Joe Orlando panel from Weird Fantasy 18 (1953). The panel appears in an article relating to great sci-if stories. Al Feldstein & Joe Orlando crafted this tale to comment on the state of bigotry and how now planet is free when shackled by oppression. It’s actually more of a subtle progression than I describe here but it’s an amazing story that I highly recommend.
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Alf 37

Alf 37 (1991)
Play Me or Trade Me!

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I used to have a few Alf books kicking around the house. I don’t recall enjoying them as much as the goofy tv show but this issue in particular has a few treasures that I’m very excited to share with you.
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This Swamp Thing parody was brought to my attention by Anthony of For Comics Sake. He stumbled upon the parody sighting while rooting around in a long box. Check out his Instagram feed when you have a moment.

The book is made up of a few different Alf stories. The awesome Swamp Thing bits are part of the, “Alf in, Play Me or Trade Me!”
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The story starts with Alf recounting an experience to Brian and Kate regarding kids and trading/swapping. This is apparently where ALF learned that he is poor at bartering. It’s an odd premise. Continue reading “Alf 37”

House of Secrets 125 Ad

House of Secrets 125 (1974)
Catch as Cats Can

I watched a live Facebook comic auction last week and found it to be really fun. I only purchased this book but it was entertaining to see all the different books paraded out. I didn’t watch the entire auction but it lasted for hours. I’m looking forward to see what else they have up for auction in the future. Titan Games and Comics Auction
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I got a great deal on this HoS book that I didn’t have in my collection and was extremely excited to see that Swamp Thing made his way into the book in the form of an ad.
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The ad features a black and white reproduction of the cover of Swamp Thing 13 “The Leviathan Conspiracy” (1974)
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