La Creature Des Marais 2

La Creature Des Marais Tome 2 (1979)

This French edition collects issues 6-10 of Wrightson and Wein’s series 1 run. Like many oversized, non-US editions the book is black and white. The art work is beautiful. The black and white editions really highlight Wrightson’s craftsmanship.
The cover features the House of Secrets 92 cover. It appears to have been recolored.

Book 1 of this series features issues 1-5 (series 1). I’ll be sharing it later on.

Artwork from the  cover of Swamp Thing 3 appears on the title page.

Swamp Thing 6 (1973)
A Clockwork Horror

Swamp Thing 7 (1973)
Night of the Bat

A portion of the cover of, “Monster on the Moors” acts as filler at the end of the story for some reason. It looks amazing, enlarged.

Swamp Thing 8 (1974)
The Lurker in Tunnel 13

Swamp Thing 9 (1974)
The Stalker From Beyond

Swamp Thing 10 (1974)
The Man Who Would Not Die

The Cheese Edition…?

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