Träsk Mannan

May 31, 2017 § 1 Comment

Träsk Mannen film poster (1982)

This awesome poster was sent to me by fellow Swamp Thing fan, Peter in Sweden! I was blown away by its condition and can’t wait to get it framed. Peter told me that there aren’t too many of them kicking around since they were usually beat up when being stapled to telephone polls or being ripped down. The poster measures 30cm x 70cm.

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The Brave and The Mold

May 17, 2017 § 1 Comment

Batman 23 (2017)
The Brave and the Mold

Batman fans and surface level Swamp Thing fans will find the most enjoyment out of Batman 23. There are great comedic and touching momens in this one-and-done murder mystery starring Batman and Swamp Thing but those moments get lost while trying to wrap your head around the character histories you’re accustomed to. Swamp Thing now has unresolved father issues.
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– cover and variant cover

One night only. Swamp Thing Live at the Apollo!
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It’s  worth asking, which Swamp Thing is this? In the grand history of Swamp Thing and Batman (and even Gotham City) this is another brief encounter between the two DC icons. But, within the first few pages we learn that James Gordon is not aware that Batman and Swamp Thing have been acquainted and that Alec Holland has an estranged birth father. These two items contradict previous DCU/Swampy lore and that’s confusing.
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Justice League of America 174

May 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

Justice League of America 174 (1979)

When Mike Sterling mentions a Swamp Thing reference you can trust that I’m going to hunt it down. He is an everflowing geyser of comic knowledge; especially when it comes to Swamp Thing fandom. I’ve been a fan and reader of Mike’s site for a few years. Be sure to check out all of his great content.
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On his site, Progressive Ruin, Mike featured this ad last week. He cited the month and year (January 1979) in which the ad ran in certain DC publications. I was thrilled to see his post because I’d never seen this ad before. I took the information down to my local comic shop and dug through numerous Long boxes before finding a book from January 1979 that contained the ad. It was an exciting moment to find it. The ad features Super Friends 28. Swamp Thing doesn’t necessarily make an appearance in this issue because most of all the characters in the book are actually folks masquerading as their favorite super heroes.
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I wrote about the issue in further detail here.
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