World’s finest 223

World’s finest 223 (1974)

Last week fellow comics collector and friend, Pat A. gave me a copy of this 100 page beauty. I was thrilled to get a book with so many great, early Deadman stories. Little did I know, the comic also contained a Swamp Thing ad! Stumbling upon a Swampy ad is similar to the moment when everyone yells for “the secret word” on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.
 photo 5C09C475-79FF-488E-8AA0-112F8FC477BF.jpg

Behold, the super-spectacular table of contents!
 photo F9C42478-D21D-4073-A499-22653ACA0C28.jpg

I’ll get to the good stuff first. Toward the back of the book, a DC House ad includes the cover of Swamp Thing 10!

 photo CDF1EDED-A641-4234-9D17-0600B6830497.jpg

Here’s a close-up of the single color copy of the cover. Swamp Thing is amongst “super-stars”.
 photo 3773DA3F-740A-4B70-9BF2-8C09F655DF29.jpg

On to the stories! The thicker than usual comic is filled with some great stories. I’ve included the title pages of each below.

Wipe the Blood Off My Name!
Which introduces and then kills off Bruce Wayne’s big brother, Thomas Jr.
 photo 803891BD-9B6D-429C-94EA-A1DD6742810B.jpg

An Eye for an Eye
Originally printed in Strange Adventures 206 (1967); Deadman’s second appearance I believe.
 photo 859FBE76-9822-4138-A6F2-9D333F8D0E44.jpg

The Reversed Heroes
Originally printed in World’s Finest 87 (1957)
 photo 960B7B56-57E5-4479-A3F2-92D67D4F5D7B.jpg

The Sunken City of Gold
Originally printed in Adventure Comics 223 (1956)
 photo FB8E2627-B1E2-42E1-A38F-EFFBC775C1C1.jpg

License for a Robot
Originally printed in Detective Comics 197 (1953)
 photo C6ED36A4-A758-40D4-A6CD-7D61B13F4EA1.jpg

The Composite Superman
Originally printed in World’s Finest 142 (1964)
 photo 293E92BE-9921-4D67-AFFE-F2111A354DCB.jpg


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