DC exploded in ’73, Alec Holland in ’72

Justice League of America 105 (1973)
Specter in the Shadows!

While looking through a stack of silver age comics I was thrilled to come across this DC house ad toward the back of JLA 105. I had never seen this style of “DC explodes in 73” ad and was happy to see it featured Swamp Thing 4, Monster on the Moors.
 photo CF99D7F8-6598-4B37-A138-09FE4E470A7C.jpg

Spectre in the Shadows was written by none other than Swamp Thing co-creator, Len Wein. In 2015, the JLA 105 cover was featured on the cover of the Len Wein issue of Alter Ego 135.
 photo FB29BC3C-2C3C-40D1-BE24-ADD3A3B46672.jpg

Swampy is in good company next to Kamandi.
 photo 1A782B29-680B-4C25-A6E3-35878F4B40CF.jpg
 photo D8BCC471-4A7A-40B3-B059-BE21C561933F.jpg
 photo 2E2B2240-49D2-494E-A33E-371B878DCC96.jpg


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