DC Bombshells 30

DC Bombshells 30 (2017)
Winter is Coming

As I figure out a solution to replace the thousands of images on this site that will no longer be visible via Photobucket, I am very excited to share Swamp Thing’s most recent appearance in the DC Universe!

The last time Swamp Thing made an appearance in DC Bombshells was last year in issues 5 & 6. Nothing came of his brief cameo and I’d always wondered why he showed in the first place. Maybe this is where the trail picks back up!

The exciting and retro universe that the DC Bombshells title provides is a great conduit to introduce new ideas and storylines. I’ve read a dozen or so issues of the Bombshells series but sadly have not kept up with the narrative/continuity so I read this book going in blind. None the less, I jumped right in and am excited to see where  the crew takes me!

While searching for Raven, Zatanna and Constantine are up against a Game of Thrones/White Walker type scenario and they plan to take a stand against the Killer Frost and Strigo devils! As they make their attack, Zatanna is pinned down by a monsterous tentacle. But guess who comes to her aid?


“Abigel Kholland”, this Bombshells universe’s version of Alec Holland’s wife! She comes with a crew of Un-Men-like animals.



I thought it was real neat how Abigel’s jacket has a decaying leaf pattern on it. She helps Zatanna up and gets acquainted. Before long, an introduction to Swamp Thing is inevitable.


I love Zatanna and Constantine’s reactions. It’s apparently the first they’ve come across Swampy.


This issue was released last week and more appearances are on their way. Look for further Swamp Thing appearances in DC Bombshells 31-33!

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