Swamp Thing Maquette!

Thanks to the Parliament of Trees group, I found out that DC & Side Show Toys will be releasing a Swamp Thing maquette soon! a release date has yet to be announced, details below.

The artwork that’s featured in the promo ad above looks like the work of Swamp Thing – New 52, series 5 artist- Andy Brase or perhaps Jesus Saiz. If the maquette is based on either one of their work, we are in for something special!


Ripped from the headlines of Side Show Toys!
“After a terrible accident left Alec Holland as an avatar of of the Green he found he had the ability to control all plant life and quickly become a proctor of the human and plant worlds! Sideshow is very excited to be bringing the Green known as Swamp-Thing to life in a brand new Maquette! This DC Comics collectible will be available for Pre-Order soon!”

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