Bleepers! 3

Bleepers! 3 (1981)
Bleepers Meets the Monsters

Swamp Thing learns the woeful lesson of substituting margarine for _________ (noun), in Bleepers! a Mad Libs-like game that uses beautiful Bernie Wrightson art in an unconventional way. You’ll most likely recognize Mike Kaluta’s House of Secrets 101 (1972) being used for the Bleepers cover.

For those unfamiliar with how the game works, here’s the low down!

In case you forgot your parts of speech and lost your grammatical way…

Before reading any further, I need to warn you that what you knew as Swamp Thing is about to change. The story begins, and the edible remains of Alec Holland -the cookie making mad scientist- rises up as a mixture of… stuff
In a world… where Nobel Peace (plural nouns) are given out like candy, Alec Holland is on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Alec gets mighty cocky. You can’t simply mix (food) with small bits of (noun), add a cup of (liquid) and come out unscathed. Linda confirms the impending trouble, telling Alec it smells like an (adjective).

“oh, the horror! (liquid) and tiny chocolate (plural nouns) are everywhere! Linda, Run!”

Along with the “sweet” Swampy story -debased and featuring Bernie Wrightson, via Swamp Thing 1- the game features stories from some of DC’s most popular horror books. The Beast from the Box originally ran in House of Secrets 24 (1959)

Who can forget such timeless classics as, Teeth of the Weregopher!?
Oddly enough, I was unable to track down which book this strange tale originally appeared in. I was sure that a google search of, “weregopher” would have yielded something.

The Demon Within, from House of Mystery 201 (1972)

The Victim originally appear in, House of Mystery 255 (1977)

Last, but not least, Aunt Glop brings up the rear. Thanks to fellow Swampy fan, Allan, I can provide which book this gloppy story originally appeared in! House of Mystery 204 “All in the Family”.

If you or someone you know, is aware of what book, Teeth of the Weregopher originally appeared in, I’d love to hear from you.

From the cover of, House of Mystery 213 (1973)! It’s Bernie Wrightson’s beautiful work that graces the back cover.

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  1. Thanks for posting this by the way, I had this as a kid & I knew it was “mad libs” -ish but couldn’t remember what it was called!


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