DC Bombshells 31

Greg Capullo draws Swampy. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing waits in the forest.
July has been a great month for Swamp Thing cameos and related plot developments! The slow burning Hellblazer series makes frequent mentions of Abigail, while the Bombshells deliver actual sightings… albeit a single panel.

DC Bombshells 31 (2017)
The Bombshells creative team continues to build a really fun story. This issue in particular is very heavy in backstory but they pull it off really well. Most of the issue is depicted throughout multiple flashbacks/exposition and not much in the present, leaving Swamp Thing in the forest, out of the picture. I have no doubt he will play a larger roll in the next two issues. He had too much of a reveal in issue 30 to sit on the sideline.

In related Swamp news, Greg Capullo shared this message on social media earlier this month!
Although it’s just a fun idea for the moment, who knows what could come of it.
Just the other day, Capullo shared this doodle he did over his morning coffee. An idea has manifested into physical form!!! I’ll keep ya posted if I hear anything further.

2 thoughts on “DC Bombshells 31

  1. arggh
    i forgot to check hellblazer 12. did it have an Abby appearance at all? did it feel like her plot line would continue in the next issue? if so, i’ll be surprised to see the new creative team follow up on it. which would be a real shame because seeing which Abby we get in the rebirth is what i’ve been really waiting for. fingers crossed!

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